Sunday, December 21, 2014

Santa Run 2014

We had our annual Santa Run on Saturday.

Over 50 runners, walkers, babies and a few dogs showed up to take part. 


It's possibly one of the most fun runs that we do. And one of the most annoying. Try singing Jingle Bells in your head for 12k. Inspired, of course, by the bells sewn to the shirt of the runner nearby. The Jingle Bells in your head is playing at the pace that you're running at but the runner with the actual bells is not running the same pace. Tempo mismatch! Bah humbug!!

So what does one do on a Santa Run? Apart from dressing up in totally inappropriate clothes for our climate? We talk about festive things, naturally. Like what we're doing over the break. Like whether the Christmas shopping is completed. Or almost completed. Or not-really-started-but-I've-got-some-ideas. And we debate the big questions - like why women look good in tight black pants while men don't. (Jury's still out on that one - I personally think it's in the eye of the beholder) And whether it's wise to put a set of car keys in the pocket of a totally new pair of shorts whose drawstring has previously been untested. There are some days when the built-in undies may seem inadequate.

We weren't the only ones out there feeling festive early Saturday morning. There were a pair of Santa's helpers on the path. Bearing gifts. It's probably the only safe time to accept candy from a pair of sweaty middle-aged men.

We were greeted with smiles and wished Merry Christmas all through the run. And every time it happened I was surprised that there were so many friendly, happy people out. Then I'd remember that we were all dressed up and that they were actually enjoying the spectacle of adults acting like kids. Nothing wrong with that. 

But the best part of the run was raising over $1000 for a very good cause - the Advanced Breast Cancer Support Group. Christmas is all about giving.

And talking about giving - those Christmas cards that I've been given have come in very handy this year. They're not only festive and decorative and remind you of all the wonderful people in your life - they act as decent cockroach killers too. Merry Christmas and take that!


  1. Your jingle bells reminds me:
    at the cafe at our gym the usual *get attention* bell has been replaced with 4 little christmas bells … I couldn't resist pinging out "jingle bells" when I was there …. yes, I was the annoying one :-)

  2. I'm one of those "haven't started yet but have some ideas in my head" people. I guess crunch time has come and I'd better do something. You look fantastic Char. Great legs if I may say so! What a fun time and such a good cause. True Christmas spirit. I loved the thought of sweaty men handing out lollies. Lol.

  3. Um, I did NOT need to scroll down and see that bug. Gross. Reminds me far too much of HEAR in the summer!
    Your Santa outfit is pretty adorable on you, even if you clashed with your pink shoes and red shirt.

    1. I know. It gave me a lot of grief but I couldn't justify going out to buy a pair of red ones just for the day.

  4. Did I ever mention that when I ran the Perth City to Surf, there was a gentleman right near me with jingle bells in his hands? Going almost exactly the same pace? In the middle of July? Luckily I lost him after about 30k...

  5. So weird that y'all are out there in shorts and tanks and we need long sleeves and tights now - trade you!!!!
    Glad y'all raised so much money for breast cancer support group!!!

  6. Love your Santa outfit! Looks like it was a fun time, minus that bug. Yuck!

  7. They kill Roaches!!!

    On Christmas day I'll find my red hat and run up the mountain with it!!!

  8. Okay, I was enjoying this nice festive, fun post and then you got me with the cockroach at the end - I feel just as smacked as he does!

  9. This looks like so much fun! I wish Bella could run with me but I've tried a few times and she doesn't like running on a leash with me deciding the pace and she always runs in front of my feet. So I gave up and stay with walking her.

  10. Your jingle bell run sounds fun as long as there are no snakes involved. I am still haunted by that snake attacking the lorakeet. Clearly I'm traumatized.

  11. LOVE seeing the Santa run in shorts and t-shirts! That would be awesome! I never thought about it before, but I wonder when Santa's delivering presents if he starts in the colder climates and then sheds clothes as he heads to the warmer areas, or vice-versa. Hmm.

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  13. Looks like fun with all those people. Very different clothes from what we wear. I liked the Santa costume because it helped keep me warm.

  14. A great cause and well done. I can't believe you didn't take Toby though! ;-)

  15. Nice pictures of those runners wearing unusual Santa Claus clothes. Really a fun race.

    Happy Christmas' holiday, Char!


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