Tuesday, January 6, 2015

He Has A Name

My grandpuppy finally has a name.

Henrique. Ricky for short.

Of course his name has a back story and it all started in mid November when our struggling football team, Brisbane Roar, scored a rare win. Actually it was more than a mere win - it was a thrashing as far as football scores go. 4-0. The Roar's Brazilian import was the star of the match scoring a hat trick. His name? Henrique.

Our little Henrique isn't exactly deft with a ball at his feet. He's still getting used to all his body parts and trying to move them in a coordinated manner. But he did score a hat trick of his own the first night in his new house. He pooped three times next to Iven's bed.

Which brings me to the topic of toilet training. I'll bet you're all dying to know how it's going cause I'm dying to tell everyone just how much fun it is to be forever vigilant. And how much fun it is to walk up and down the stairs multiple times a day to take Ricky outside. And how much fun it is to stand out in the rain saying 'go do wees' in the hope that he'll do his business there. Especially when you've spent fifteen minutes blow-drying your hair.

The first day was not great in terms of toileting success. There were way more misses than hits. And his bladder just doesn't seem to hold a hell of a lot. At least his poos are pretty solid.

But day 2 was a different story.The puppy that was intimidated by the stairs the previous day, had it all sorted out and had become the stair master. He took himself out for a wee four times that I saw. What a champion!

Still it wasn't a 100% success rate. There was a couple of little whoopsies - including this masterpiece. Not quite sure if he was practising his signature or trying some impressionism.

Day 2 also saw the first visitors to greet Ricky. My niece came over with her daughter and 11 month old twins. Almost too much cuteness for one photo!

Loving having this little guy in the family. Despite the occasional clean up in aisle seven.


  1. OMG!!!!!!!! I come back to find a NEW CUTE PUPPY!!!!!! I love him......I need him.....might possibly steal him ;)

  2. So not worried. That would require a significant investment on your behalf. You might as well just get one over there.

  3. That is way too much cuteness for one photo. Ricky is so darn cute the toilet issue is forgiven. One of our geriatric Bichons is a master with 'cursive' if you know what I mean.

  4. Now that is a lot of cuteness. I am allergic to dogs, but...who can resist a puppy?! Sometimes I just think I should take a loratadine and get a little pup.

  5. Love the name Henrique. Not sure about Ricky though. Think I will personally call him Henry!

  6. He is so stinkin' CUTE!! It's been a few years since we had a puppy, but I seem to recall that house training seems never-ending until rather suddenly they figure it all out. Like, boom! One day they just get it. I hope that day comes soon for you. :)

  7. The picture of the puppy and your niece is so cute. Sounds like you're having a lot of fun.

  8. That name is the best! Potty training is not! When we got Tori, I did make sure that it was in decent weather for all the many, many trips outside. It actually goes pretty quickly though. Enjoy!

  9. Hooray for the awesome name!!!
    Funny that grandma is the one doing the puppy training - I guess you get the rewards too:)

    1. That's only because I'm here during the day when they're both at work. If they were here they'd be doing all the work.

  10. Toilet training dogs is so much easier than kids though. I love his artwork :) Yay! Have signed up for emails Char.

  11. Haha, "still getting used to his body parts", haha ... aren't we all! Man, that little dude is awesome! Pleased to meet you Ricky!

  12. Love the name! & good luck with the training!

  13. Cool name for a cute dog! He's so adorable.

    My biggest worry when we were thinking about getting a puppy (our previous dog was 5 when we got her) was the toilet training but Bella didn't disappoint us, not much accidents in the house. She knew pretty fast what to do, I bet Ricky will too.

    Enjoy the little fellow, they grow so fast.

  14. Ahhhhh.... Now I want a new puppy! So cute! But I don't want to toilet train it. Ugh. And we already have two other dogs, so I guess I'm just feeling greedy after seeing your precious pup!

  15. Henrique's signature is really informal :) What a beautiful picture of the two "kids"!


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