Sunday, February 7, 2016

Undie Report

The new undies were a monumental fail.

I woke up with high hopes on Friday morning. Hopes of a smooth, panty-line-free silhouette. Hopes of a leg-line that would remain around the leg and not burrowing up that place that is forbidden to all underwear except for g-strings. Hopes of finishing a run dry.

Well I finished the run dry. But that didn't seem like a consolation prize after enduring over an hour of uncomfortable wedgie action. Running with a wedgie for over an hour is really not much fun. 

I kind of had an inkling that the undies weren't going to meet my exacting standards when I put them on. Those leg gripper things didn't actually grip anything. I reminded myself that once I started to sweat they'd probably stay put. And once I put on my tights they wouldn't be able to move. 

I was wrong on both accounts.

Just moving marginally had that butt riding up and in. I put moisturiser on to help with adherability. All that did was make the tights stick when I tried pulling them up. And trying to pull that wedgie out when you've got tight tights on is an impossible mission.

But I was so sick of the wet-nappy post-run feeling that I was prepared to put up with the slight (okay, not so slight) discomfort. And besides, I was running too close to the wire time-wise to go and change. So I sucked it up, told myself it'd be fine and left for the run. 

The rest of the story will be no surprise. I felt a bit like a magician's assistant being sawed in half and if I appeared a tad distracted to my running buddies, it was because I was a tad distracted by the small piece of fabric that was trying to find a place to hide. I was heartened to finish the run fairly dry but checking my butt profile in the window of my car (doesn't everyone do that?) made me realise that the claim for no VPL was bogus. 

So I learnt something from the experience. Never believe everything you read. And elastic was invented for a reason.

It was back to my usual cotton undies for Saturday's long run. It's one thing putting up with a wedgie for an hour but two hours would have seen me diving into a bush at some stage to wrestle off the offending article and finishing the run commando. 

In the meanwhile the weather has become a little more kind and I have a feeling that the undie search will go on the back burner  until the next sauna-wave hits. And then I'll be regretting that I can be incredibly slack unless I'm motivated.


  1. Oh...bummer! It's so important to have a good running base. Doesn't sound like you've hit bottom yet though. Hopefully you'll be able to pull a happier, more comfortable run out of your ass soon.

  2. The stories some bushes could tell eh! Wish the weather here would improve.

  3. Commando....

    Come on try it for a short run, even one with the dogs...

    you'll never look back

  4. Oh no, that sucks. But thanks for the update - I was "w-undering" about your undies...

  5. These might be worth a try? I think lorna Jane does undies too. And I have even seen sports undies in both Kmart and Costco recently! Or maybe even the Icebreaker merino wool undies would work?

  6. If you haven't already, perhaps try the Calvin Klein invisibles knickers... they come in g-string or regular briefs. They're great for running and regular wear. Honestly no vpl, no riding up.

  7. And the search goes on. Yeah just say no to wedgies.

  8. i like seamless thongs by VS! Odd to share that - but if it helps ...

  9. The never ending bloody quest!!! I found a CK G that I loved but they don't make them anymore WAAHHHHH!!!!!! might have to try the invisibles recommended above. If you find the answer, let us know!!!! I've tried the LJ's - didn't like. Haven't tried LuLu.....

  10. Oh, my, I could never run in underwear. Like. Just does not compute. Tights & booty shorts basically feel like underwear already, & my regular shorts all have liners. Good luck with the search!

  11. Oh running with a wedgie would be the worst! I do love how honest you are about the realities of marathon running - eg toilet breaks. Those are the details I need to know! The getting fit you get help with, but no one ever tells you about preventing nipple burn and going for a loo break ...

  12. Best sports undies I ever got were from Target. Except they don't sell them now. Don't they realise out there that we need non-wedgie comfy run faster undies???


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