Monday, March 8, 2010

Incidental Water Features

I'm feeling a little guilty because I should be downstairs sewing up a storm but instead I'm sitting here posting. I can justify it because it's my birthday on Saturday and you shouldn't have to work so hard for at least a week before your birthday so you can arrive on the day feeling fresh (pathetic excuse but it's all I've got)

We found out the real source of the new water feature in the front yard. It wasn't the torrential rain. It was a leak in the pipe going to our house but it was cleverly disguised by the torrential rain so we didn't realise for a week (This quarter's water bill is going to be ugly) Actually, the only reason that we realised was because of the pretty fountain that had appeared in front of the house. Seven pm last night you could find me outside in my pj's holding a torch for Iven who was having a great time digging in the mud. He's a useful man to have in a plumbing emergency. All's well now and the water pressure to the house has improved miraculously.

Running was fantastic today. It was the best speed session I've had in at least five months. I felt strong and ran strong and looking at my HR data, I can see that my recovery between reps is very much improved. Follow a good session with breakfast in good company and I'm a very happy camper.


  1. sounds like a great "excuse" to me :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by.
    I took 6 weeks off from any running after I hit burnout. My next race I planned far enough out that I could buildup my mileage in a controlled fashion. When I started back running, it was like starting all over from scratch, but after a few weeks I started to get it back quickly. The big plus was the mental side - I was hungry for it again and really wanted to get out the door and push it with a good attitude. I'm going to start doing this every year at least once. I know some elite Ultra runners which do this every year for the same reason.

  3. And here I thought you had a beautiful new water feature installed. Silly me. Glad to hear the speed session rocked!
    thanks for yoru kind, encouraging words on my blog. I've snapped out of my crappy attitude, at least for now.

  4. Way to go on that speed session and thanks for stopping by my blog...

  5. I love it that you are gearing up for your birthday five days beforehand, that's the way it should be. You want your "30th" to be everything it should be!
    Nice job on your run I said, I'm really into my HR monitor right now, it has been my best teacher! Happy Pre-Birthday Week.


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