Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Announcing My First Race for 2010

Speed session today! Coach Chris had us running 800m reps - the longest reps I've done since I developed overtraining syndrome. The first two were at 3:31 and 3:33 and by the second I knes the pace was a little fast for me. The final four I did between 3:41 and 3:45 and I was pretty happy with the consistency.

I looked back at some old sessions that I'd done last year just before I ran my 10k PB and I'd run 6 x 800m all between 3:30 and 3:35. So yes I am a bit slower but my first two reps showed that there is a chance that the speed will return.

So on the strength of a couple of good weeks' training sessions I've dared to look ahead to plan my first race this year. My first race will be ... (drum roll please) ... the 5k at Doomben at the beginning of June. It's still a little way off and it's just a short one but it'll give me some idea of how I'm progressing and I'll have time to consolidate the gains that I've made. Plus I have a soft spot for the 5k at Doomben. I've won my age category there twice - picked up a bit of bling and some socks!

So now I'm a little excited!


  1. Great to have a confidence building session! Glad you can look forward to your first race.

  2. That sounds super fast to me :)
    Yay for the race!

  3. I love having a race on the calendar - congrats on choosing your first for the year.

    And nice work on the 800's! We start our 800 intervals this Thursday, building up to 10. I love the distance... just the right length.

  4. You sound ready for a 5K to me. How exciting!

  5. Excellent. I am positive you are going to do well. Keep training and don't prove me wrong!


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