Friday, March 26, 2010

A No-Show and Orange Ice-Blocks

I woke up a little excited today. I had a 16k run planned (something to look forward to after my awesome run on Thursday) followed by breakfast at our favourite cafe, followed by a visit from our friendly neighbourhood kitchen designer. That's right - after 23 years we are treating ourselves to a new kitchen!!

The designer was due to arrive at 10 so Iven and I hurriedly tidied our sad old kitchen so we wouldn't be shamed like I was when I had the oven-fixer guy over. 10 o'clock came and went. Than before we knew it , it was 11. I decided to put on a batch of m&m choc chunk cookies to try to entice him/her but our kitchen designer was a no-show. No phone call to explain why - just a non-appearance and I'm a little deflated. I will not be going to bed tonight dreaming of the amazing new kitchen that was designed just for us. Nor will I be discussing/arguing colour combinations with Iven.

So to make myself feel a little better I thought I'd treat myself to an ice-block. I always keep a multi-pack of water-based ice-blocks in the freezer. They come in an assortment of flavours and the only one I'm not so partial to is the orange one. But I always do the lucky dip and eat whichever I pull out. So what do I choose? Of course it had to be the orange one! Just wasn't my day.

But on the bright side, my run was fantastic again. It was a nice flat 16k along the Brisbane River into the city. I'd run the same route five weeks ago but today I ran it four minutes faster and it seemed so much easier. I even allowed myself to push up the speed over the last three k to bring it home strong. Rest day tomorrow, a slow 10k on Monday then we'll see how I go at Speed on Tuesday.


  1. Sorry about the no-show. How disappointing but all too common I'm afraid. Nice running!

  2. I've missed some of your posts!
    It's so hard dealing with people who don't keep appointments, especially when you're so excited to start the process! It sounds like your running is going GREAT, so that's a plus. By the way, is an ice block a popsicle?

  3. That is one of my pet peeves: professionals not showing up when they say they will! A new kitchen would be a terrific...hope you don't give that project up!
    Super running streak!

  4. Too bad about the kitchen designer! I hope you can re-schedule.

    Great news on the 16K! Nice job.

  5. So frustrating! But the ice block (popsicle to us in the states?) sounds like good therapy!

  6. Sorry to hear about the kitchen designer, but I guess it's best to find out right from the start how "reliable" he is.

    Great job on your 16K...I'll be doing that for the first time in two weeks :)


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