Sunday, March 14, 2010


I am injured.Luckily it's not an injury that will affect my running in any way, shape or form but none-the-less I have some pain. It's actually my thumb and it's a pathetic injury that was caused by my oven self-destructing a couple of weeks ago.

The sequence of events goes like this:
#1 Oven breaks
#2 I call to get a repairman to come.
#3 Wait a week and a half
#4 Repairman arrives and I feel the shame of having a totally disgustingly filthy oven (It was similar to the shame I felt when I went to see if the lump in my breast was cancer or not - it wasn't - and when I lifted up my arm for the doctor to palpate lymphnodes I realised that I hadn't shaved the pits for a while) BTW he was lovely about the filthy oven, ignoring it to a point but having to use dishwashing detergent to get rid of the grease on his hands.
#5 Guilt starts to eat away at me.
#6 Buy oven-cleaning product which promises to eat away at my skin if I accidently spray it on myself.
#7 Finally get around to using said oven-cleaner and in the process of scouring the oven racks manage to scour off most of the skin on my right thumb.

It is truly a pathetic injury but I've decided that, seeing as it was the first time I'd ever cleaned my or anyone-else's oven and I got injured that oven cleaning is obviously a dangerous activity and I will not do it again. I will live with the shame of a filthy oven or buy a new one when it becomes too disgusting for words. Running is a much safer activity. I've really only had one injury - sore knee caused by a tight ITB - but I've had it a couple of times. So no oven-cleaning for me - I'll be sticking to running.

PS - That is NOT my thumb.


  1. OUCH! Hope it heals quick. This is why I don't clean my oven! ;)

  2. Girl, you freaked us out here at my house. We saw the thumb picture and my husband insisted I click on it. Thank goodness it didn't get any larger...blah! I was freaking out but then I was relieved when you said it wasn't your thumb. Wow, I will forever follow the directions on the label of the oven cleaner from now on. Poor thing, I hope it's feeling better. Please, never clean your oven again!

  3. Phew! Glad to hear that's not your thumb! EEK! Know how many ovens I've cleaned in my lifetime? Hmmm maybe one!

  4. Oh my lordy, you totally grossed me out with that picture and I thought if I had that on me, I'd be paralyzed! I'm glad yours wasn't as bad but I'm sure it was still bad. I don't wat to clean my oven either and think I'll just buy a new one, too, when the time comes to clean :). Your post made me laugh, thanks for a nice chuckle :).

  5. OH my goodness! That picture, eww! I'm so glad that's not you!!!But I hope your thumb recovers quickly!


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