Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! It's good Friday today and so far it has been a good day. I got to sleep in a little (until the dogs couldn't be ignored any more) and I went for an illicit run. Illicit runs are always the best!

Coach Chris likes his whole squad to have all 4 days of Easter off running. It's good in theory but in practice my week didn't work out to correspond with his program. I was supposed to run on Monday but I was up for hours in the middle of the night throwing up so that didn't happen. I ran Speed on Tuesday then did Monday's run on Wednesday so when I got to Thursday's run I thought it'd be quite silly to push through a tired run just so I could have 4 days off. So I slept in on Thursday and then again today plus I got my run.

My family has an Easter tradition of going to my sister Cindy's house for Easter breakfast. So my post-run breakfast was bacon and eggs and muffins and beans and fruit and specially-made hot-cross buns (thanks to another sister, Julie) I'm so full and sleepy and it's nice knowing that I can go have a nap whenever I want. Loving my Easter break!


  1. Those hot-cross buns sound wonderful!!

  2. Now I am in the mood to make hot crossed buns! Happy Easter!

  3. Good job on the run and mmmmm to the buns.

    About the cupcakes...I'm sure you can find another example that fits for you :) ...Happy Easter!

  4. I would love the freedom to nap where I want, how fun and relaxed that would be...the doctor's office, the dentist, etc. Ahhh, I've been into sleeping lately! Anyway, those buns took tasty, you are such a great baker! I'm off to attempt an Easter cheesecake...wish me luck!
    Happy Easter, Char. Enjoy the weekend.


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