Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Marathon Madness

I received an email yesterday that gave me a little nervous flutter. It was from the people who run the St George Melbourne Marathon. This is my goal debut marathon and to say I'm excited is an understatement. It's crazy really - for years I've said that I'd NEVER do a marathon. Honestly, people who do marathons have to be a little nuts, don't they?!! Well I've joined the ranks of the 'little nuts'

I can't even remember when I started to turn to the dark side but I'm sure it has to do with the people I hang out with. When most of your friendship group have done a marathon or are contemplating one the thought that you might do one doesn't seem so out of left field. My friend Jenny has been saying for some time that I could do one and when you hear it enough times you start to believe it and you even start to look forward to it.

Training continues to go well. Hills again this morning. It was a beautiful morning for it - a little cool but not yet needing a jumper. We did hill sprints up a quiet section of road and watched the day dawn. The highlight was seeing (and hearing) a flock of cockatoos fly over. There had to be almost 100 birds in the flock and they were loud! Some days are just golden.


  1. The sight of a cockatoo flock must've been very neat to see!
    I think that nervous flutter is a good sign! I remember saying I'd never do a marathon when I was a 15 year old cross country runner. Little did I know that I'd run my first marathon 24 years later!

  2. I love golden days, lucky you!

  3. First marathon is unbelievably awesome.

  4. I too once said I'd never do a marathon...then I slipped into the vortex....late but in all the same.
    So excited for you!
    Cockatoos wow!

  5. Ha, ha--happens to everyone. It's a pretty predictable path, I think! You're gonna love it!

  6. There is nothing like your first marathon! Enjoy the flutters of anticipation!

  7. Enjoy your training, hills and all.
    We don't have flocks of cockatoos here in CA, USA - it must have been an awesome sight.


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