Sunday, April 11, 2010

Slow and Steady

I had a pretty ordinary run today. I had to really talk myself into getting out of bed. I'd had a bad night's sleep and it was raining but it was pretty warm. All-iin-all not good running conditions. But 'good me' won out over 'evil me' and I got up, dressed and out on the road.

The legs were still a bit heavy from Saturday's hot, horrible 16. I had a 10k listed so I decided on my route and set my Garmin to just show heart rate and off I went. My aim was NOT time but keeping my HR low. It's a different feeling running slow. There's no lightness. It feels like I'm holding back and almost plodding. But I kept to my purpose and took regular peeks at the watch. 10k later and success! My average HR for the run was 154 - way better than the 170 of Saturday's run.

Since the run I've been feeling a bit tired. It's so hard not to be a hypochondriac after overtraining syndrome. I find I'm constantly monitoring myself - am I tired? is this a normal tired or something more? am I making excuses not to run? should I be taking the day off and resting? I'm constantly second-guessing myself and at times it's frustrating but I don't feel like I'm far enough along with recovery that I can afford not to be vigilant. I'm keeping obsessive records - HR, distance, temperature etc so I can compare and watch my progress and that's reassuring.

Sorry for the boring post. Writing things down seems to help me process better.


  1. Totally understand wanting to write things down... I hope you find the answers you need.

  2. I'd be extra vigilant too. Hope your body continues to do well with the running.

  3. You seem to know a lot about running and all it's aspects. Have you been running a long time?

  4. I like your new blog, orange is my favorite color! Sounds like you're in a lull but that's okay...those are always followed by good running and events. Hang in there!


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