Saturday, April 3, 2010

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

Decision-making is hard! I'm not talking about the little things like where we'll go for Saturday breakfast when our normal place is shut because it's Easter (we went to McDonalds - honestly, there was nothing else open). I'm talking about the big decisions that will affect you for at least ten to fifteen years. I had to make one of those decisions yesterday.

We've been talking about getting our kitchen replaced for a couple of years now. It's 23 years old and starting to look really dated. We've got chips of laminate missing in places where our careless children have put hot pots down. The cork tile floor has seen better times and I'm scared of washing the kitchen curtains in case they disintegrate. Last weekend the kitchen designer stood us up but this weekend was a different story.

Pia, the designer, showed up on time and had us sitting at our dining table surrounded by hundreds of pieces of laminate. It's a little overwhelming when you have to come up with just the right combination. And that's just one of the decisions that has to be made. You have to decide on bench heights, lay out, door design, handles, tap, oven, stove-top, whether to have soft-close drawers ...
My poor head!!

It took us four hours but we did come up with a design and colour scheme that I hope will be tasteful (understated elegance is what I'm going for) Now we have a lot of fun stuff ahead of us - like unpacking the kitchen, being without a kitchen for days, having workmen through the house and trying to stop our dogs from escaping. I know why I've been reluctant to make the change. Anyway, after Pia left I felt absolutely sucked dry and was hanging out for a run but as I've already been a little naughty this non-running weekend I refrained.

I'm hanging out to run again and I still have two more non-running days to go. I'm off to the beach today so will make do with a walk along the sand. Tuesday's speed session can't come soon enough.


  1. I love it, you're jonesing for some speedwork--now that's hardcore!
    Those decisions are hard now but I'll bet you'll be so excited to have it all done and looking beautiful, hopefully soon!

  2. I'm sure you'll love it when it's all done...but, yeah, renovations can be a little on the hectic side! Thank goodness for running...hang in there, only 3 more sleeps until Tuesday :)

  3. McDonald's sounds so un-Easter like. That sucks you can't find a decent place open for a little Easter Brunch.

  4. Renovations can be a pain for sure and I hear you about making decisions.

  5. I remember making all of the tile/carpet/cabinet/etc. selections when we had our home built. I hope you will all be happy with what you chose! It can be so hard to visualize what it will actually look like.

    One more day til speed work!


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