Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday's Run

Our weather is confused at the moment. Here we are in the middle of April so it should be the middle of Autumn and we have not yet had a day with temperatures below 27C. In fact this weekend the temperatures were up over 30 again. And not only were the temperatures up - the humidity had hit the roof. Yesterday's run was a disgusting sauna run. It was one and a half hours of solid sweating. I'm so over Summer especially now that it's not!

The awful conditions left me with a little surprise that I didn't find until I'd hit the shower. Apparently the undies I wore must be losing their elasticity and sweat isn't a particularly good lubricant. When they don't grab properly they rub and 16k's of rubbing = chaffing. And it was in a very sensitive area! (Note to self: Throw out the pink undies. It's time to go shopping)

But despite the ugly weather and the unwanted side-effects, it was a pretty good run. My heart rate was up a little but I'm pretty sure that was the heat/humidity. It's capped off a good running week. 46k's is the most I've done in six months. I'm happy!


  1. I am new to your blog. Hello.
    Now running in these temps and humidity totally impresses me. Gosh, I am such a wimp. I live in CA so during the summer I run EARLY in the morning even though our heat is dry.


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