Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Rockettes and Michael

I know I'm going to sound like a weird, slightly eccentric bird-lady in this post but I'm going to say it anyway. I think the Rockettes like Michael Buble. That's right - like females all across the globe, my chickens seem to love his romantic crooning.

I only discovered this fact this afternoon. When I'm getting dinner ready I put my computer on and bring up my music. I've got it set on random so the music flicks through lots of different artists. I was looking out on the 'girls' while I was washing up when Michael Buble started to play (Try a Little Tenderness). Both of the 'girls' stopped chasing the lawn moths and headed at a gallop (I'm not sure what to call top speed in a chicken) over the window and hopped up on the tallest rock. They had their heads cocked to the side - exactly like they were listening to the song. They stayed there till the song had finished and then raced back to the moths. My 'girls' have great taste. Tomorrow night I'm going to introduce them to Harry Connick Junior.

It was speed session again today. Coach Chris's idea for today was to run one mile and then either another 2 x mile reps or (depending on fitness and race goals) 8 x 400m. I get preferential treatment and got to choose - 400's! The mile rep went ok. I came in at 7:12 and the 400m reps were around 1:48 (fastest - 1:45, slowest - 1:51) I was really happy with the consistency, particularly because I'd run a fairly solid 10k yesterday. Rest day tomorrow!


  1. Too funny about M.B. Great job on the speedwork. I just finished up my 4-mile tempo w/ some decent splits, so pretty happy with that.

  2. :) funny!
    Great job on your intervals...you are soooo fast!!!

  3. You are a weird bird-lady...

    I just wanted to say that. Actually, I have a M. Buble Christmas CD.

  4. Nice job on the speed workout. Got to love options!

  5. Love the story abut the chickens!

  6. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I can't wait to follow you; I LOVE your blog colors. Very happy!

    Nice job on the speedwork!

    I like M. Buble too. :)


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