Monday, April 12, 2010

The Difference a Day Makes.

It's funny what a difference 24 hrs can make. Yesterday's run left me feeling tired and flat but with work being hysterical (and not in a funny way) there was no time to rest. The afternoon wore on and I felt less and less tired. I think the low HR run did me good.

So I woke up this morning in the pitch dark wondering what effects today's speed session would have. Coach Chris had a different type of session planned. We had to run out from a set point for 15 secs at speed and then recover back to that point for 30 sec. We did that quite a few times and then, when we were good and tired he sent us off to do a 1k rep. 4:22 - not too bad. He'd promised us 2 of these reps and I stupidly thought he'd give us some time between them. Not so. It was a short recovery and off we set again. This time I hit 4:20. Then back to the 15/30 reps again. It was satisfying to complete the session and know I'd been consistent to the end.

I just have to give a plug for running with a group. It is the most uplifting thing you can do at 5:30 in the morning. (Let's face it, if we weren't running we'd be in bed asleep) My running group are the only people who get to see me unshowered with my hair not done (I sound like a feral don't I) and they accept sweaty, red-faced me. Some days I just draw on the group energy when mine's a little low and I never walk away feeling worse than I arrived.


  1. You're running group sounds great -sounds exactly what you need! Keep up the great work!!!

  2. Nice new blog page!
    Sounds like the running group session was just what was in order! I am also a feral morning runner. I get up, use the restroom, get dressed and go. If I'm meeting others for a run, i do take the time to brush my teeth, but that's all the extra effort I put into it. :)

  3. Diggin' the new look! Running groups are great because although many people are on different agendas there is always the camaraderie.

  4. I've been contemplating a running group for years. I'm gonna pull the trigger and join as soon as this whole Boston thing is over.

  5. Nice speed session!

    I'm with you on running with a group. I'd never be where I am now without mine.

  6. Yep, running groups are the BEST. Don't know where I'd be w/o mine!

  7. Nice speed session!

    I really need to start running with a group, I just hate mornings. ;o)

  8. A group run sounds intriguing.

    Love your blog. :)


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