Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Two Days =

Two days = two runs plus two concerts. It's that time of year again. It's Musical Showcase time. Yay (can you detect the strong undertone of sarcasm?) Luke, my 6 foot+ baby is heavily involved in the school music program. And when I say heavily I mean significant tonnage. He's in the percussion ensemble, the symphonic band and the jazz band - each of which require either an early morning start or staying after school for rehearsal.

Twice a year we, the parents of prodigiously talented musicians, get invited to hear what these early mornings/late afternoons have produced. The powers that be, in all their wisdom, program the two concerts to run on consecutive evenings and they go to special lengths to make the concerts run REALLY, REALLY late. (Keep in mind that anytime after 8:30 is late for me) We got home last night after 10pm - not so great when you get up at 4:45 for speed and have to be up at 5:00 the next morning.

I decided, when I was sitting through the Wind Ensemble, that things could be done much better. Firstly I would eliminate intermission. There is absolutely no need for me to have a cold beverage at 9 pm at night and I would happily forgo this wasted 20 min if I can be in bed earlier. Secondly I would eliminate any and all talking by the conductors to save a few more minutes ( or in the case of Mr Ruben 20 mins per ensemble). I have no interest in discovering that the composer Mr Chance died by means of his own electric fence. Finally I would reschedule all ensembles so that the really crap ones (and we all know who they are)have to play on one evening and the good ones play on the other. Then I would only have to go on one night and I wouldn't have to listen to anything that disturbed my highly-tuned musical sensibilities.

Can you tell that I'm tired?!!! And I still have one concert to go.

Speed session went really well, yesterday. I know so because I got a text from Coach Chris telling me that it had. It was a mix of 300m and 400m reps. I was really consistent and a little faster than last week. Today's run was a 10k'er. My route ended up 250m short but what's 250m between friends. I averaged 5:19 for the run and even managed a couple of k's sub 5:00 mins.

Off to have a little nap before work so I can face this evening's concert.


  1. That is very late for me as well- especially the night before an early run! Nice job on the speed session!

  2. The "joys" of loving your kids!

  3. Well done on the speed work and nice 10K too!

    Hope you can catch up on your sleep soon!

  4. I too have been through concerts (although it was choir in my case) and I totally agree with the intermission thing. Let's just get these things over with! :)

  5. This is such a crazy time of year with the kiddos, hang in there, it's almost done!!

  6. Ouch! Tiredness. I guess coffee is on the menu!


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