Friday, July 23, 2010

Decisions, Decisions!!

You may have noticed that I haven't mentioned much about running lately. That's not because I haven't done any. I've been following my plan religiously. But lately I've had a crisis of confidence about my running ability. It took me longer than I expected to recover from Gold Coast which has made me question all my plans for the rest of the year - mostly my ability to train for the Melbourne marathon.

My plans for the second half of 2010 aren't really too involved - the Sydney Half (with Josh) in September, the Melbourne Marathon in October then the 500k relay and maybe a 50k (2 X 25k) relay in December. The Sydney Half is non-negotiable. I've totally committed to it (well, I've entered but haven't yet booked flights or accommodation) but I've got to decide about Melbourne in the next 7 days to get the discounted entry fee (I do love a bargain) Some days I'm absolutely determined that I'll do it and other days the thought of it scares the s#%@ out of me. I am a mess of indecision.

One good thing though - if I do register for the full and then decide it's beyond me this year I can downgrade to the half (if the race hasn't filled up) That's a big tick on the pro side. The other thing in it's favour is that Melbourne has to be one of my favourite places and even if I pull out of the run at the last moment I can still enjoy a mini-vacation. On the negative side - September, when the training will be at its heaviest, is one of the busiest times for work making dance costumes for the end-of-year concerts and this being the first year by myself I'm not quite sure how that's going to pan out.

Tomorrow I'm racing again - a 10k on a horribly hilly route. I'm using the word 'racing' very loosely here. Participating is probably more accurate. The race is one of Coach Chris's babies and he gave me a free entry so I'm doing it to support him. A lot of the squad are participating so it should be a bit of fun. And to fuel for this 'race' I'm spending the evening with my family celebrating my Dad's 70th birthday. Happy Birthday Dad!


  1. Good luck with your decisions and with the hilly 10k. I can't seem to make myself do a 10k at all this year. Go figure.
    Happy 70th to your dad!

  2. I had a lot of trouble deciding on my marathon. I feel less stressed now that I have registered even if I end up eating the fee. Have fun at your 10K.

  3. You'll make the right decision. Your recovery will just make you stronger so you can face the challenge of your choice!

  4. Feeling indecisive is no fun, especially when it stems from self-doubt. Good luck! And Happy Birthday to your dad!!

  5. Thanks for the kind words on my blog. I hope you'll stop back by! Good luck with all of your decisions.


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