Friday, July 16, 2010

It's Been a Big Week!

This week has been manic. Seven am Monday morning a whole posse of young men arrive at our doorstep bearing hammers. By eight-thirty the kitchen was gone! It's good to see all that pent-up testosterone being channeled into productive activity. The noise was incredible and, quite frankly, I'd had enough of it by seven-thirty so as soon as I could I had gone leaving hubby in charge.

My wonderful older sister had decided to look after us while we had no kitchen and lent me her slow-cooker complete with a meal. All I had to do was plug it in and turn on the power point and we'd have beautiful lamb shanks for dinner. It was great in theory but in practice - well it didn't quite go to plan. I kept coming up from work to check on their progress and they didn't actually seem to be progressing. By four pm I decided to investigate further - our kitchen installers had SWITCHED OFF the power point. UGHHHH!!! All of a sudden we went from having a beautiful meal to having nothing and I was having to come up with a meal from scratch. I managed but it wasn't pretty.

Day two - the workmen were there at the crack of dawn again but I had left before the crack of dawn for speed session. By the time I got home they had decided that if they worked really hard they would have it finished by the afternoon. Yay! They worked super-hard and were out of our house by four. The whole kitchen installation took about twelve hours. Incredible!!! By four-thirty I was trying to unpack about thirty boxes of kitchen wares. And by eight-thirty I'd had enough and left the rest to do later.

So my kitchen is now looking pretty good. BUT now we need to do some other work - paint the walls, tile the splash-back and put in a new floor. SO I'm not going to put any pics of it up yet.

With all of this extra work I've been a bit more tired than usual. Tuesday's speed session was hard and I felt nauseated at the end. Then I started freaking out about overtraining syndrome again. So I decided not to go to hills and just did a low-intensity 12 k instead. Still pretty tired tonight so I'll keep the intensity down and rest up until I'm feeling good again.

My middle boy Josh, who's agreed to run the Sydney half with me has started his training. He ran Sunday, Wednesday and again tonight and has managed at least 10k each outing. I've lent him my Garmin tonight so he can get some feel for his pace and distance. He's really excited about his training and has roped one of his mates into running with him and maybe even running Sydney. My evil plan of spreading this running epidemic seems to be working. (cue evil laugh)


  1. Must have "new" kitchen pictures!

  2. Love that your son is even getting a friend involved in the half! Fun!

  3. ok me and lamb do not get along. I love to cook and am typically not too bad at it but something about lamb?!? Which is super sad with my hubby being from New Zealand. ;)

    I LOVE that your son runs with you. Awesome.

  4. That's great that they were done so fast! I'll bet you are so excited to finish up the rest.

  5. Can't wait to see the new please!

  6. Too beautiful to run a half with your son, I am so happy for you. Now that your new kitchen is ready we are waiting for an invitation to have a runners dinner.

  7. You should show us before and afters of the kitchen!

    I love that your infecting your family. Nothing better than running with them!


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