Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Birthday Gift From the Girls

It's my baby's birthday today - my first baby. He turned 23 today so he's a pretty big baby. It was a working day so he was at work at 6:00 am and seeing as I was running up a mountain at that time I didn't even see him before he left home. But I'd prepared well for his birthday. I'd made him a giant chocolate cupcake and surrounded it with mini white chocolate mud cupcakes and, after dropping Luke off to catch the ferry to school, Iven and I dropped into his work. We were in luck. The place had quite a few clients who burst into the Happy Birthday song as soon as they saw the cake.

It wasn't only me who made a special effort for Sam's birthday - the girls got really busy and produced something amazing and spectacular. I promise you that this is how I took the egg from the nest.

Thoughtful hens, aren't they?!!


  1. A bed of feathers to keep the egg safe. Indeed the hens are thoughtful.

  2. How sweet of the hens!! :-)
    Today is my baby's birthday, too, but he's a little closer to still being a baby than yours - he's turning 10. Happy Birth Day to you both!

  3. Oh what a special egg! Happy birthday to your big baby! :D

  4. awesome.

    love that.

    My Pita's day today too. Lots of bday's today!

  5. No birthdays in my family today but happy birthday to your baby!

  6. I knew I loved those hens! Happy Birthday to your babe. Mine celebrates 19 years tomorrow! I wish I could bake like you, how's the new oven working out?


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