Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Wrap-Up

It was so nice to run - and run hard this morning.After all the indulgence of the Christmas period it was cathartic to burn off a few calories. Coach Chris had us running some pretty nasty reps which involved a hill but I managed to keep my pace really consistent.

A little Christmas miracle happened at our house. If you're a regular reader, you may recall that one of the Rockettes has been clucky. She'd stopped laying and refused to leave the nest and was giving us her most maternal looks. She was actually in a psychotic state, believing that she was the re-incarnation of the Virgin Mary.

Christmas morning came and she got herself off the nest and started scratching around their run again - just like nothing had happened. I'm not sure why or how she snapped out of it. Maybe it was the Prozac I'd been dissolving in her water (just kidding. It was Zoloft which has fewer side-effects - in particular less anger issues and with a face like that we can't afford for her to get any moodier than she already is). Or whether it was the fact that the 25th of December had rolled around and there was no star above her chicken coop and no shepherds had come a-calling and there was not even an egg under her expansive and maternal posterior. I'm just relieved that things are back to normal.

And on another animal note - Nelson, our 12 year old dalmatian was a very naughty boy. He managed to break into Iven's Christmas truffles and scoff the lot. He obviously didn't see the ad on TV which clearly states that chocolate isn't good for dogs.

Luckily there weren't any serious side-effects (the theobromine can cause cardiac issues) but there were a few unpleasant consequences. Let's just say that it WASN'T a Silent Night. And, Iven, I DO NOT FART THAT LOUDLY! Heavens know how Bubbles survived the night. And I'm really glad our Christmas is in Summer and there's no need for a lovely, warm fire.


  1. Did you run up-hill after Christmas time? You really did an adventurous training, Char :) I'd need to burn off a few calories too!

  2. Glad your chicken is feeling better but dogs eating chocolate is a disaster! Have you guys been having any problems with the flooding we have been hearing about?

  3. Glad to hear that the Rockette is back to normal and that dogs and humans survived the truffle incident!

    BTW, I just saw that you tagged me last week. Sorry I'm so late! I haven't had time to get around to all of my favorite blogs. I'll have to think about the questions, but I'll post my responses soon. Thanks for thinking of me!

  4. Haha, quite the animal Christmas you had! Seems coach Chris makes sure you don't get lazy during the holidays. Excellent!

  5. Glad to hear the chocolate didn't have consequences. What a lovely dog :) And a lovely chicken too.

  6. The chicken Virgin Mary and a dog that eats chocolate. To be perfect you need my lady cat, she thinks to be human and the owner of this humble house.


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