Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Week

One of the Rockettes is convinced she's about to become a Mother. Maybe because it's Christmas - the anniversary of the first virgin birth (she hasn't had any contact with a rooster). She's stopped laying and refuses to leave the nest and tries to claim the other chicken's egg as her own.

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Look at that face. Does she have the soft maternal features of a Mother? I didn't think so either. She looks a little evil - like she'd peck out the eyes of her first-born.

I've spent a lot of hours this week making these.

They're to go on the top of my sister's wedding cupcakes. But the weather has not been kind for cake decorating. It's been so humid/rainy/hot that the hearts aren't setting hard and the butter cream is too soft to hold the limp, saggy hearts. I'm really hoping the weather improves by next weekend or we'll have to go with plan B (whatever that might be)

And then there's this. My last Rhythmic costume of the year.

Then I got to see the costumes I'd made for the Commonwealth Games in a magazine! Seriously cool!!!


  1. You are so creative! I think you have a wonderfully balanced life. Next time some non-runner tells me to get a life I'll think of you. My life is so full I always reply "I think I should be telling you that". Your life is full and that is wonderful. Have a great weekend!

  2. That chick looks pissed. I guess she knows something is not working.

    Those costumes are fabulous. You are a true artist.

  3. That is seriously cool and you have serious talent. I can talk poop but you can make a mean costume.

  4. So cool to have your costumes featured! Nice work!

    And those little hearts are adorable. I hope the weather cooperates so you can finish the cupcakes! We need to see a pic!

    You are such a multi-talented woman! :)

  5. you
    I know.

    And that top photo from my sidebar looked like a turkey in a garbage. Not sure why but it got a Bahhhaaahaa before I even clicked on it.

    Cookies ............... yum.

  6. You are creative in SO MANY WAYS! What a thrill it must have been to see your costumes in a magazine!
    And yes that hen looks evil!

  7. Such talent!! I admire everything you do, especially your baking!
    Your chickens are a very close second, there is nothing like a fluffy hen!

  8. You always do interesting things Char. Those costumes are beautiful!

    Have a nice weekend!

  9. p.s from my post, I found dishes tossed along the road. Really strange!

  10. wow! beautiful work on the leotards for the team - it must be really gratifying to see photos of your work in action!
    ...and that's why I'm scared to have our own chickens - hens with an attitude!

  11. Could that chicken be an unfaithful wife?
    Great costume, I am with Ewa, you are a true artist.

  12. You have some serious talent!! Those cupcake tops are gorgeous. I hope they make it through the humidity. You must have been thrilled to see your costumes in the magazine. Awesome!

    BTW, I, like EMZ, really thought that was a live turkey in the garbage. Funny!


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