Sunday, December 19, 2010

Today is the calm after the storm. I have had a massive few days and now, finally I can get my head into the Christmas thing - after I recover a little.

It started Friday. Josh graduated. Woohoo! Unfortunately the day didn't start the best with him and I having a big fight as he left the house. Let's just call it too much stress. He did apologise via text which defused the whole situation and allowed me to enjoy it. This year's graduation, unlike Sam's last year, didn't make me cry. Not sure why.

Saturday started really early. I woke up at 3:30 am for a 5:30 run. Again - not sure why - maybe the anticipation of the work that was ahead. The run was great, a brisk 20k. Then it was home, breakfast, fruit and vegies market then home to get stuck into the real work of the weekend - 4 dozen caramel mud cupcakes for the wedding the next day. Apart from being distracted and letting the first batch catch a little on the bottom of the saucepan, it all went smoothly.

Sunday was another really early start. 3:30am! What the?? I didn't have the alarm set until 5:15 but my bladder and an overactive mind preempted that. It was the squad's Christmas run. We all dress up and run through the streets of the City, often where people are just leaving their party's/clubs and we always get loads of comments.

My outfit - The top

Please excuse the bad photo - I had to take about a dozen to get one where you could read the shirt so disregard the bad hair and the bags under the eyes and the weird expression on my face.

and the hat

Such a fun run, followed by breakfast then the mad dash home to get decorating. The decorating didn't take as long as I'd feared but I had to take the cakes up to the venue without causing any damage. My sister Julie came to my rescue and nursed them while I did my best impersonation of a granny driver and we managed to get them their intact. Then we had to assemble the stand, put on the wrappers and the finishing touch of the hearts. We finished with less than an hour before we had to leave for the wedding and I was still dressed in my Christmas run clothes (sweat included)

Mad dash home for shower, quick change, slap on a little make-up and then off again. It had started pouring by now and we were a little damp by the time we were sitting in the chapel. Lucy arrived and was looking as beautiful as we knew she would, with her two girls as bridesmaids. Dad sniffled his way through the service as we knew he would and we all enjoyed the opportunity to be involved with this new beginning.

When we left the church we realised that it had rained pretty hard.

The reception was lovely but the weather hadn't been too kind to the hearts on my cupcakes. The outline hearts just wanted to lie down and have a rest but I did manage a photo with it looking the way it should.

So that's why I'm tired. Today will be a day of rest.


  1. You are a superwoman. I cannot believe how busy your weekend was! Wow! Congrats on your sons graduation!

  2. Bachelors of Engineering! Very impressive. Almost as impressive as your running this weekend. I just posted how studly you morning runner are. Cute top and hat. Did you run in a T or put on a long sleeve? :-)

  3. The cupcakes turned out adorable, much talent to you!! Congratulations to your son, woohoo! Um, yeah, I've had those disagreements with my daughter as she's left the house, which leave me sad for days. Glad he apologized and make it all better :).

    That shirt is just super adorable! It just seems so odd for me to see your warmth during Christmas there.

  4. Whoa, what a weekend! You deserve some rest! But Christmas is sneaking up on us so I'm betting you won't get much...
    Congratulations to you son! I know what you mean about those fights, I have them with my oldest now too. Nice that they think to apologize to their moms, isn't it?

  5. My head is spinning. You are amazing! Get some sleep girl.
    Fights with teenage sons? Been there, done that and still hate it when it happens. But we still love them, don't we?

  6. Simply love the Santa top!

  7. Wow, you certainly deserve some downtime! I hope you can relax a bit before Christmas. Between everything you still did your weekend runs...amazing!

  8. Wow What a weekend!! The cupcakes look amazing and I love your shirt!!

  9. A full period but you survived! Congrats on your son's graduation.
    Only a great and real runner wakes up at that time for a workout... and you are!
    Very nice shirt, very appropriated.

  10. I was at a wedding too, but we had snow at ours! The cupcakes look really beautiful. You deserve a few days off.

  11. I'm with Ajh. you are a superwoman and superHUMAN.

    love the santa top.
    love the cupcakes.
    the amazing weekend IN photos.


  12. The 4AM pic was done with the timer, the others my son.

  13. That rain is crazy. But I love the shirt. Good is relative.

    Oh, and sorry about the fight with your son. Sort of speaks to my post today. It seems like I always fight with my kids on a high pressure day like a birthday or something. Sucks.

  14. What a busy weekend! Congrats on your sons graduation, Char :)

    Happy Christmas holiday!

  15. Thanks for stopping by! I am tired just reading everything you accomplished and participated in over the weekend. My son graduated from college in June so I know how you feel.


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