Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day

Yesterday was Australia Day and how do you celebrate Australia Day when you're a runner? You meet up with lots of other runners and RUN.

Coach Chris organised a special run for us yesterday. It DID involve a mountain again (boy am I OVER running uphill) but the benefit at the end was really worth the pain. We finished with a breakfast barbecue. Eggs, bacon, sausages, onions, fruit, baked goodies and juice. Yum!

He had wanted to have a bonding social event early in the year and this was a perfect opportunity. We spent a couple of hours eating and chatting and generally having a lovely time. Then it was home to bake a pavlova for the family's dinner, coffee with my husband and a movie with my sister. (Black Swan this time - good, but disturbing)
And to finish the day I had the best night's sleep that I've had in weeks.

The last couple of days have taken me to a couple of the areas that had been flooded recently and it's been interesting. Generally everything looks like its back to normal but then you'll come across a reminder. On Tuesday I went to shower at the university athletics track and it was all fenced off. Driving to the session I'd seen the trees in low-lying areas - brown and muddy to a defined line then green above. The local park is totally out-of-bounds. It had problems with sewerage leakage.

But today at the shops there was the most poignant reminder. I went to buy a new feather duster. In the cleaning equipment aisle there were row upon row of empty shelves. Looks like there'll be some businesses benefiting from the floods!


  1. I noticed it was Australia Day on my calendar...sounds like you had a wonderful one! Breaskfast barbeque sounds like an excellent reward for a mountain run!

    I'd been wanting to see the Black Swan the disturbing the good kind or bad kind?

  2. Happy Belated Australia Day. Glad to hear things are getting back to almost normal.

  3. We don't celebrate Australia Day, which is kind of crazy. I am writing my representative!

  4. Sounds like a great day.
    Any of that pavlova left? :)

  5. pavlova? yum.

    Happy Aussie [belated] day. :)

  6. Happy Aussie day for yesterday.

  7. Yay for great sleep! Glad to hear things are getting back to normal.

  8. I did see on our Australian Open TV coverage that is was your national holiday - it was also my mom's 68th birthday!
    We are all excited that Kim made it to the final - now just crossing our fingers that she wins!

  9. I love runs that finish with a breakfast with some fellow runners. The thanks for your thoughts towards us here in SA. The floods here was mostly in the rural areas with lots and lots of farmland and crops lost. There was flash floods in some cities with some lives lost. It seems all the Southern continents have had some flooding.

  10. That Black Swan movie looks like a movie that would make me not sleep at night. Hoping things continue to return to normal there. Such a reminder that what we have can change in an instant.

  11. The best way to celebrate the Australia Day.
    In Italy there is a bad conflict between the right and the left so every celebration is an opportunity to attack the other part. Here the most important thing is not the economy, the pollution, the future, the world situation but if our Prime Minister makes sex on the night with many young women!!!


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