Friday, January 7, 2011

Tasmania Day 1

We made it!

Brisbane airport was shut for a few hours yesterday and there was a flow-on all day. We took off about 40 mins late, which really wasn't too bad. We picked up the rental car and it didn't have a map like I'd expected. But we managed to find our hotel without too much problem. (thank goodness for very large neon signs) But it was pretty late and we hadn't eaten and there's not much open in Launceston after 11 on a Friday night. So our meal was a greasy kebab eaten on the side of the road while listening to a covers band at the local pub.

This morning's breakfast was much more civilised. We had chairs AND a table. And cutlery. And great coffee! Then we hopped into the car and drove the two and a half hours to Hobart. So far the scenery's been a bit uninspiring - lots of brown. I think Tassie has lost out in the rain stakes.

But the buildings are lovely. Tasmania was originally a penal colony ( minds out of the gutter people ) There are so many original buildings and bridges still in use. I'm hoping I can manage to post a few pics (I'm writing this on my phone)

Tomorrow's the run and chocolate and a visit to Salamanca markets.

Sorry - no luck with the pics! You'll have to be patient.


  1. SOunds so exotic and fun! Any Tasmanian devils around? Enjoy the run!

  2. Envy here! I can't wait to see pics.

  3. Have a wonderful holiday; I am envious


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