Saturday, January 1, 2011

Last Long Run Before Hobart

My knee was a little upset about having to run so many hills last week so Coach Chris banned me from coming to the session that he'd planned today. Personally, I didn't know how the group was going to cope without me - seeing as I am THE most popular runner in the group as voted by them. So I decided to run my long slow route past where they would be running - just to give them a lift. (I did have permission to run from CC as long as I didn't have many hills in the route)

It was interesting running up the river path. We've had a ridiculous amount of rain in Queensland over December - three times our normal yearly average. The dams that were down to 20% capacity are now at 122% (I know - it didn't make sense to me either) The far north has entire towns evacuated and houses flooded to the rooftops. Brisbane hasn't fared too badly but the river path showed where the water got to last week when there were a few king tides. There was debris all over the path - bottles, branches, water weed, and a knee pad. I some places the entire path had been under water and other places still had water lapping at the path.

It took about 10k until I ran into the group (no, not literally) and, just as I'd suspected, they were mighty pleased to see me. Probably a little less pleased when they realised I hadn't brought cupcakes. Seriously, people! Where am I supposed to carry cupcakes when I'm running? They would be crumbs by the time I'd arrived.

I got to run a couple of k back to Southbank with the group but them had to continue on cause there was still a way to go to get home. It was tough going. I was trying to keep my heart rate low and I'd managed to for the first 15k but it didn't matter how slow I ran now, it was pushing 170. And I was ready to be finished. Not the most confidence-building run to have the week out from a race.

When my watch beeped at 20k I stopped and walked the last 200 m home. Then I got on the computer and checked out the temperature. No wonder it was such a struggle - the perceived temperature was 27 degrees C (80 F) at the start and rose to 30C (86F) by the end. And the humidity was 92%. My heart was having to work overtime just to try and keep me cool. Next Sunday in Hobart the start temperature should be about 8 or 9C
and it should max out around 20C (68F) Now that's the sort of weather I like to run in!


  1. Too funny about bringing cupcakes! That would be rather tricky!

  2. You made me laugh, you are SO popular BECAUSE of your cupcakes(and your dashing personality and sense of humor)and of course, you're speedy and motivating. That's why we love you, too. Minus the cupcakes. Can you ship those?
    Happy New Year!

  3. No matter how slow I tried to run...your slow is dream pace :)
    Although 30 degrees is crazy hot, I'll definitely give you that.

    I just see pictures of your cupcakes and I salivate :)

    Happy New Year Char!!

  4. I hear you about the heat... sounds similar to what we deal with in New Orleans' summers. Way to go sticking it out!

  5. HR always goes high in such warm conditions. That's probably what happened.

  6. It is a honour for me to be a blog-friend of the most popular runner and the best cupcakes maker!
    Happy new year

  7. I saw some of the rain on the news this morning--crazy! Sounds like you made the right move on the run. Cupcakes? I need to find someone in my club to do that!

  8. you are too funny! so glad you have such an amazing group tha tyou just can't stay away

  9. Oh wow, I can't imagine those temps right now! Great job on the run, and awesome that you were able to connect with your peeps!

  10. I love that you are voted the most popular runner in your group - I am glad you got to meet up with them for a bit, I'm sure they couldn't run without your presence :). I wonder if I'd be voted the most "whiny" hehe.

    Happy New Year to you, Char!! Cannot wait to see what exciting things 2011 has in store for you!!

  11. I want to run with you! Especially if you'll bring me cupcakes. What kind of cupcakes? :) Oh, and I laughed out loud at your comment about my kids and I do jillian together. You said "at least they know how to dress while working out." or something...made me think of how in the 80's people would wear leotards and leg warmers over girls were pretty decked out! :) ha.


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