Sunday, March 20, 2011

Running Etiquette

Had a lovely run on Saturday. I woke up at 4:45 and got ready. Josh was up and decided that he'd like to come too. It's lovely when your kids decide to run with you. He got ready quickly and just as we were about to leave the heavens opened. I don't mind running and having it rain on me once I'm out and sweaty but I don't like going out if it's already pouring. But I just had to suck it up. I had a 20k on my schedule and it was going to get done!

We arrived at the group's meeting place and I introduced Josh around. Then we got going. How demoralizing is it when your son, who runs once in a blue moon, just trots along effortlessly when you, who's been training consistently and hard, has to fight to keep up?

Anyway, we were running along when I heard a disturbing noise come from in front of me. Not long after I ran through a disturbing smell. Yep! Someone had farted! Cut the cheese! Blasted on the anal trumpet! Tooted his own horn!

It was rank! So I have a question on etiquette - if you are going to let one rip do you just let it fly or do you move to the side, make sure no one's in your line of fire and then let go? And as the recipient of said foul odour, is it acceptable to comment / cough / dry reach or does convention state that the passing should go unnoticed so as not to embarrass the passer?

Opinions please.


  1. Ew! I definitely hold them in when running with the group, or fake an excuse to veer off to the side if necessary! lol

  2. OMG,,,,Still LOL.
    Usually all alone in the forest. Does that mean it happened?
    Still LOL.

  3. LOL!!! I don't usually run in a group, so I wouldn't know...
    Nice your son went with you!

  4. I can't keep up with my son at all. Gone are the days when I could impress him with my speed, endurance, or strength. And like you, I work hard and he just beats me every time. Sucks!
    As for the fart, assume the runner in front of you just couldn't hold it long enough to get to the side.

  5. ROFL. Haven't been running long enough to know the etiqette but I imagine moving off to the side would be appropriate and then not commenting when you do notice would also be appropriate.

  6. You know, sometimes they just pop out unexpectedly and there's nothing you can do. I'm not referring to myself of course, I never do, and if I did they'd smell of roses...

  7. Depends on whether or not they are pre-meditated. Sometimes, when you least expect it - pop!

  8. That had to have been one rank, nasty fart to be able to smell it while running outside. I'd avoid running behind that guy in the future. Sounds like he has a special talent.

  9. I'm a lady so it doesn't happen lol!
    But I would move aside if I could feel one building.
    But unfortunately I often suffer from foot in mouth disease, so I would take the Piss out of the culprit for sure.

  10. I run alone....
    This is an appropriate post, yesterday someone left his/her smell during all the flight London-Roma. It was a nightmare. I spent all the time insulting the unknown "terrorist" but nobody replied.

  11. I always try to run in a group although I wouldn't mind running alone.

  12. Anal trumpet.


    Writing that one down.

  13. Haha, and sometimes they are so bad you don't only smell, you taste...! I must say here in SA most (99%) will just let it rip and those behind are each one for him/her self.

  14. Well Char

    I'd make a comment and with the recent passing of dear Liz Taylor you can make it topical as well.


    "Someone just released a new scent and I'm dam sure it wasn't Elizabeth Taylor!!"

  15. yuck!! I say pretend you have to tie your shoe or something until the bad stuff passes and then resume your running. I am excited to run with my kids someday!


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