Saturday, March 24, 2012

Why You Shouldn't Work Twelve Days In A Row

I've just had to put in a long stint of consecutive days and I've decided that I can't do silly stuff like that any more - it's just not good for me and everyone else around me.


1. Working 40+ hours a week with no days off makes me cranky. Yep, I've been wearing my cranky pants over the last couple of days and my butt just doesn't look good in them. I had to go and vote in our state election yesterday and I was annoyed that I had to give up some of my first day off in a fortnight. So when I got to the polling booth and was inundated with voting pamphlets (as if my letter box hasn't been full with these over the past couple of weeks). Then this perky little girl who didn't even look old enough to vote came up to me and told me to vote NLP. I snapped and told her that I'd vote for who I wanted to, thank you very much. I crushed a little bit of perky out of her and I didn't even feel bad that I'd done it.

2. I react pretty badly when I find out the courier company who I entrust with my hard work loses it. Friday is the day I get a delivery from my sewing machinist. It didn't arrive in the morning like it usually does. In the afternoon my courier came with some fabric but no leotards. I knew the work had been picked up but the company couldn't find the parcel in it's tracking system - because the courier had forgotten to scan it. I finished work on Friday thinking that a whole week's worth of work was gone and I was somehow going to have to redo it all. I begged a hug from my son, grabbed a big handful of peanut M&Ms, went to the movies with Iven and came home to a message to say that the parcel had been found and would be delivered first thing on Monday. Huge sigh of relief!

3. Baking gets to feel like a chore. I love baking. I love making pretty little morsels and feeding them to hungry mouths. I like trying new recipes. I like sampling the cake batter - just for quality control purposes. But today I just wasn't feeling it. I did bake regardless - March is a big birthday month and my policy is that no birthday should go without cake. And I felt better after I baked.

 Marble Cupcakes

Carrot Cake

I've never done a carrot cake before but I can honestly say the batter tasted pretty good.

4. I make very bad food choices. For dinner last night I ate a bowl of ice cream topped with peanut M&Ms and I followed this with crackers and cheese. At this point I'll remind you that I'm lactose intolerant. All I can say is it's an ill wind that blows no good.

But it's not all been bad. I've managed to get on top of my work load. Sort of. I think. And my running - well it's coming along very nicely thank you. Yesterday's run - out of 10k I ran 8.5 and 5 of those k were continual. It was just 3 weeks ago that I thought even 1k was months off. Last week my grand total of running k's was 17 - this week it's 23. And that's without any side effects - no post-run nausea, no achey legs, no headaches. 

Hopefully, this week will be calmer at work. Hopefully this week I'll be able to continue adding k's to my tally. And hopefully, this week I can take these cranky pants off and maybe burn them.


  1. :-(

    Hope you can enjoy your Sunday and that next week is calmer.

  2. I'm used to working 5 days/week, but if I had to work more than 7 days in a row, I'd be getting grumpy too.

    Glad to hear that running has been a positive for you.

  3. Yeah, I would get super cranky if I had to work that much...I have become so lazy and need to snap out of it soon and look for MORE work - ha. Good thing I can't sew week, you might be sending me sewing projects otherwise ;).

    Don't you just love how someone thinks they can persuade you to vote differently by saying: vote for xyz? Like that's going to make you change your mind. I hate election years..and we have a big one coming up. ugh.

    Keep being strong girl, you're doing awesome with the running!! :)

  4. That Carrot Cake is really beautiful!
    Great to hear that running makes you feel better :)
    Have a nice week!

  5. What's wrong with ice cream, M and M's, cheese and crackers? Protein and carbs perfectly balanced if you ask me!
    I get it with the crankiness from and reward yourself, it helps!

  6. I think those cupcakes are even more stunning than your cakes usually are. Gorgeous!

    I wouldn't be thrilled by someone telling me how to vote. You just got to pass on your crankiness to someone else and lessen yours. Sharing is good.

  7. I wouldn't worry about being cranky, no-one can work that much and stay jolly. Great news on the running, hope you can keep building that distance steadily.

  8. I'm glad they found your package!

    I'm glad your runs went fantastic too.

    I hope this week is more fun!

  9. I hope this weeks goes much better for you. Cranky pants are no fun for anyone!

  10. The only thing I see wrong with your dinner is that I have had the cheese and crackers before the ice cream :) Beautiful cupcakes!

  11. The cupcakes are beautiful! It's exam time, I'm cranky, too!

  12. I don't know how anyone working more than 40 hours WITHOUT getting cranky. 40 alone makes me cranky!! So glad to hear the running is going well.

  13. That sucks :( I would hate working that many days in a row. I hope you feel better today (which is after a good run....fine, decent run) I think most people are the same way. I hardly work and when I do I hate baking...which I normally love. So.

  14. No please, don't talk of work. I am already tired only to read that evil word: w-o-r-k!!!!!
    Now I am serious: in 1997 I changed my job because I knew that I could retire 5 years later. But the law changed and the 5 years became 15 ... and the law changed again the 15 years became 20 .... and the law changed again the 20 years became 21 .... and the law changed again the 21 years now are 22. If they don't change their mind again I must work other 5 years (as I expected to be in .... 1997 and now we are in 2012!!!!!!!!)
    If I had known I would be again in the Coast Guard and not in a place where I could risk my job.
    I hate the politicians they don't respect the agreements with the people.


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