Thursday, March 29, 2012

Today's Run

I woke up with anticipation of a good run today. And the reason behind my extreme optimism? I had new shoes and a new running singlet so I was going to look hot - and I had to run accordingly.

Stupid, huh?! I've only been running longer stretches (ie anything over 2k) for about a week. Yes, I ran 5k on Saturday. Yes, I ran every step of my run on Tuesday - all 6.4k of it - but I had a couple of chat breaks. Yes, my resting heart rate is still elevated so I'm not back to normal yet. And yes, the doctor said it would take months. But still I just felt like I was going to have a good one.

For the last few weeks I've been running the same route on Thursdays and Sundays and, even though it gives me a really good comparison of data from one run to the next, it's kind of getting boring. No, it's REALLY getting boring. I decided that the route out to the University of Queensland would be flat enough so that's where I headed. And it was flat enough - until I got to the hill.

Can I just say at this point, any positive elevation is a hill in my book? Because my heart rate is unusually reactive just the slightest rise can get an extraordinary rise in my pulse. And because I have to keep my HR as low as possible, hills are not my friend.

Somewhere in the back of my head I'd had a little whispered thought that maybe I could run the whole way. And maybe I could stretch the distance out from my usual 7k to a nice, neat 10k. Some might call me delusional. I like to think I'm a positive thinker with delusions of grandeur. It's all how you look at it really.

Well that hill put the kibosh on my grand plans. I got right to the uni (about 4.5k) and had to walk to get my HR under control. Funny thing is that my legs don't feel too bad. They want to go faster. It's just the numbers on the watch that make me pull back.

But even though I had to walk, I didn't cut back on my distance. Once I've decided my route I never change. I can be stubbornly pig-headed. I ran down past the duck pond and then around to the front entrance of the university again and almost literally ran into my husband who was cycling to work. He'd stopped at the round-about in front of a few workmen so I took the opportunity to plant a big one on him as I passed just to leave them wondering.

I ended up having four walk breaks - disappointing. But the last 200m is across the school oval next to our house and I just couldn't resist putting the accelerator down and just running fast for the hell of it. It felt so good!

But despite the endorphin rush from that little sprint, I still felt a bit down about the run until I read Erika's blog. It talked about savouring every run - even the sucky ones - because we can't get to the good ones without going through the bad. It was exactly what I needed to put everything into perspective. Just two weeks ago my Thursday run totalled all of 3.5k running - I've more than doubled that. And I know I will be able to run 10k again soon and then 20k and then who knows?!!

And really my run today wasn't THAT bad. I ran 8k out of 10. I kept my HR at a respectable level. I looked hot in my new gear (and I do say that tongue in cheek). And I got to make some workmen wonder, nay hope, if they might possibly be the next victim of the kiss-and-run bandit.

And on a final note I'd like to leave you with a couple of the mysteries of the universe that have kept me wondering over the past few days.

Why is it that when you arrive home and you're busting to go to the loo, the key just will not go into the lock smoothly and quickly like it normally does?

Why is it that when you arrive home you are busting to go to the loo even if you weren't when you were driving?

Why is that your dog who was busting to go to the loo has invariably gone - right in shortest line between the front door and the loo?

And why is it that despite not being able to find a dress for a wedding for ages, you end up with two and can't decide?

Feel free to share the deep mysteries of your own lives.


  1. hahah I don't know the answer to any of those questions at the bottom - but now I have to go pee!

    I loved this post!!! I think Erika's post was right. As I was reading this I thought it sounded like an awesome accomplishment! I particularly loved this line "I like to think I'm a positive thinker with delusions of grandeur." - I like to think that same way about myself ;)

    and you know what optimism is a good thing in my books. I think it's the learning not to be donw when we dont succeed that's the hard part ;) I did the same thing after my race on Sunday - I was complaining about not getting a sub 60min 10k! when in all actuality I did GREAT all things considered.

    I'm going to keep reading - I've missed far too many posts!

  2. So glad you are increasing your mileage, even if you need to walk a little. Heck, I'm a big proponent of walking just because :) And I'm sure you made the workmen's day!

    After all these years of running, I have still failed to master the bathroom issue, so I'm with you Char - wondering.

  3. It always makes me happy to read about your runs as you come back Char. Even the ones that were less than what you'd want. Yes, savor them. One more step on getting you back! I remember all the times I started running again after taking lots of time off...always hard to imagine that we were once so much faster. But it comes back quick and it will for you too!

  4. "positive thinker with delusions of grandeur" - best description ever. I am so stealing that!

    I think your run was fabulous!

  5. I already offered on FB to take one of those dresses off your hands.

    And yes to the whole gotta go thing. The worst is after swimming. All that water and the toilet is too far away.

  6. So true on the loo dilemmas!

    You are getting there, slowly but surely. And I understand the moments of frustration. When I was coming back from injury, I'd get upset with how slow my progress was at times. And then I'd think back to when I would have given my eye teeth to run and know that it was ok. You'll get there.

  7. 8K is not bad. You'll be up to 10K soon and beyond, just keep it steady!

  8. I love your positive attitude and spirit. Good questions too!! I have no idea. True irony!

  9. Why am I not surprised we share the coveted pig-headed stubborn trait?
    My mystery is why do I always drag more shoes/clothes on vacation than I'll ever wear?

  10. 4 questions without answer, I am very sorry. For this reason many esoteric Brotherhoods exist: to find somewhere the answer to similar questions.
    Glad you are running; speed and walking breaks don't have to be a problem. Enjoy your workouts and ... the new singlet.


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