Sunday, October 7, 2012

In My Next Life I'd Like To Come Back As ...

Spring took a hiatus over the weekend. We've been having the most glorious days - clear and temperate. Then all of a sudden we get a taste of what's ahead for the next three to five months and believe me, it's not looking good.

Temperatures jumped from 25C to 35C (that's 95F for those of you who can't be bothered to convert). We were getting a lovely breeze from the desert so the only thing I'm grateful about was the humidity wasn't too bad.

This will be Toby's first summer and being a long-haired dog he is going to feel it. So we did what any normal dog-owner would do. We went out and bought him a pool. That IS normal isn't it?

It is just a small kiddies pool - one of those plastic clam shell things. We set it up on the grassiest area of the back yard (Our back lawn has never fully recovered from the free-range chicken fiasco of a couple of years ago. Two hens can do a lot of damage.) and then we tried to entice him to get in. For a water dog he likes to keep his feet dry and no amount of enticing could make him get in. That was until we got a visitor.

Molly is an American Staffordshire who lives out the back of our house. Toby and Molly have had a blossoming romance through the fence. They play tag up and down the fence line. They show each other their toys. And Toby has been seen to give gifts to Molly through the wire mesh - gifts like sticks. Molly can often be seen at the fence on only her back legs, looking over and whining for Toby to come and play.

I shouldn't have been surprised to see that our new pool was too much enticement for Molly to bear. After all everyone knows that once you get a pool all the neighbourhood kids want to come over to play. Somehow she managed to burrow her way under the fence so she could come have a swim and a play.

There is nothing more joyous than two dogs playing (except for maybe a huge PB or a run that feels effortless). They wrestled, bomb-dived, raced steeplechase-style around the back yard and rolled in the dirt patches until they were both covered in mud. It was the perfect way to spend a hot afternoon.

In my next life I think I'd like to come back as a dog.


  1. That looks like a really delightful mud bath! I can't get over how big TOby is now - you'll have to bring him over one day so he can have a swim with Lucy :)

  2. LOL! If I came back as a dog it would have to be in a family like yours! How cute!

    Good luck with the high temps...the first heat wave of the season is always the worst.

  3. I agree. A dog and with a family like yours :)

    For some reason I thought you lived in Canada... LOL. Didn't realize you were way on the other side of the planet! Wow!

    Don't let the heat scare ya. Embrace it!!!

  4. I know what you mean. When I see our cats I want to come back as a cat. Life is very good for them.

  5. They do have the life, don't they? Adorable.

    My hubs is heading to Sydney today and I am incredibly jealous! I love your country.

  6. I think when I go for a run I'm sometimes trying to recapture that feeling of fun and playfulness that those dogs have. Other times of course, it's far from fun - lucky for me we never get 35C temperatuers in the UK.

  7. Cute cute cute. I love that the neighbor dog came to visit even without an invitation! Love the pool

  8. Temperatures are rising slightly along the Mediterranean area and I'd like to live in North Europe. It's easy to see that the two dogs were enjoyng the pool.

  9. Ha!! That DOES look fun! That is the life!!

  10. A pool AND a girlfriend? Toby is one lucky dog!


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