Thursday, October 18, 2012

Melbourne - My Other Highlights

My trip to Melbourne didn't stop with the half marathon. Iven and I took a few extra days to enjoy the city. So I've basically given you a pictorial version of the highlights.

Best part of the holiday - undoubtedly going for another run early Tuesday morning. I hadn't brought any other running clothes so I wore my stinky set from Sunday - socks and all. I would never do this at home but I was in a different state and no one was likely to recognise me or my smell. And I took my phone for safety reasons (never do this at home either) and to take pics.

Sunrise over the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground - the hallowed home of cricket)

The Shrine of Remembrance in the Royal Botanical Gardens. There's something quite poignant running past war memorials in the dawn light. I had a quiet moment here before heading off. Just a little aside - if you're ever running in these Gardens the protocol is to run clockwise. I didn't get the memo and ran anti-clockwise. What a rebel!

This is on my to-do list next time we're in Melbourne. What a great way to see the city.

I ran around the Gardens and decided that 6k wasn't quite enough so I headed down to the river. The Yarra has great paths for cyclists, runners and walkers on both sides. All the rowers were out training and I had a bit of fun racing crews (okay they didn't know they were racing me ... but I so beat the four and I stayed with the eight for at least 400m) 

A sculpture in Birrarung Marr - the park that leads from Melbourne Park (where The Australian Open tennis tournament is played) into the city. It was only a bit over a kilometre from here to where we were staying. I stopped my watch at 10.5k. Best way to spend the morning!!
Melbourne is filled with little laneways and lots of these have been handed over to graffiti artists. And the ones that haven't been painted are filled with cafes. Want a great coffee? Just head down one of the lanes and find a seat - you really can't go too wrong.

What else would an ex-vet and animal technician do on a trip away? Visit the zoo of course. I've got a soft spot for primates.

 Even just wandering around the Fitzroy Gardens made my highlights reel. Brisbane is a sub-tropical climate and we just don't get spring flowers like they do in Melbourne. 

I've come home refreshed, rejuvenated,re-energised. And I've come home with a B.A.D - big, audacious dream ... but that will keep for my next post.


  1. I had 3-4 days in Melbourne at the same time but must confess I didn't get about town at all!

    Glad you had a good time!

  2. Ah, I'd love to go to Melbourne. It looks great. You are tempting us with that teaser about your Big Dream - will be on the edge of my seat until your next post!

  3. Great to spend some time in the city while you are there. Lovely photos. A lot of those primates are in danger of extinction. I read about that a few days ago. Their habitats are getting smaller and smaller. Have a great weekend Char!

  4. I watched an engineering show here in the states where they showed construction of that stadium in your picture with the curved white arches.

  5. I love that: B.A.D. Sounds interesting. Can't wait to hear about it! How amazing that you got to go to Australia! It looks beautiful!

  6. Can't wait to hear your BAD. Looks like a great trip. How nice Iven went with you. I"m jealous of the run around the city and of course you have to go to the zoo!

  7. I'm SO glad you're feeling refreshed and energized again, this makes me so happy :). Such pretty sites in Melbourne, I'd love to go one day. Hell, I'd love to go anywhere one day other than the US :). I have a dear friend from college who lives in Brisbane and has a lavender farm in Tazmania (I may have told you that) - so Australia is top of my list to visit one day.

  8. Melbourne has to be my favourite city in Australia... I loved your pictures and it made me wish I would have spent a few more days there after the race! I'm back over there for work in November and I have a 22km run scheduled for one day so you've given me some ideas of places to run :) Can't wait to hear about this B.A.D of yours!

  9. I love posts which describe places ... Your pictures show that Melbourne is a beautiful town!
    This morning I spoke to four people from Melbourne who were looking for a department store here in my town. They were in my town, next to the port, because they are going on a cruise. They asked me that information and it was a nice conversation.

    Have a nice weekend!


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