Monday, July 15, 2013

Marathon Training - Day 1, Week 1

Firstly, thank you to everyone who commented on my last post re the running nausea. I'll definitely be looking into the ginger gummies to try on my long runs. And the dietitian referrals were also appreciated Liz. I'll be looking into those.

What's wrong with this photo?

If you said the little bit of mud on otherwise pristine shoes then you'd be right. Sad face! My new shoes no longer look new. But considering that today was officially the start of my Melbourne training maybe a little mud's not a bad thing. They're only going to get dirtier as the weeks roll on so I may as well get over the disappointment early. It's a little like getting the first dent in your brand new car - a pity but inevitable.

The training session was quite a restrained one as far as speed sessions go. I think that Coach Chris is getting soft (and I think I'll pay for that comment next week at speed because he generally reads these posts). I couldn't believe it when he said we were doing 500m reps with 500m recovery. Usually it's something inhumane like 400m reps with a 50m recovery or 1k reps with a 100m recovery but I guess it was the first speed session back after Gold Coast for a lot of the group so it was a matter of easing us back into it.

Long recoveries are awesome! They let you push yourself that little bit harder on the rep while knowing you'll have plenty of time to recover before you have to do your next. But in saying that it didn't seem that much easier while I was actually running the rep. Every time I'd get to the spot where I knew it was only 200m to go and I'd be thinking 'just hold on and keep your legs moving'. Then for the first 200m of the recovery I'd be wondering if I could do another anywhere near as fast but by the time I'd hit the 500m mark I'd be raring to give it another shot.

Strangely there was no music playing in my head today. Maybe it was because the songs on the radio on my trip over were ones that I didn't know. Or maybe I need longer reps to get my inner gramophone working. (For you sweet young things who don't know what a gramophone is, think old-style MP3 player without the portability or the clarity of sound)

It was interesting to compare my times with older sessions. At the end of last year I'd done some 500m reps and they were all in the 2:25 -2:30 range. Today's session ranged from 2:09 to 2:13. A graphic demonstration of the benefits of a normal hormone balance.

Because last week was so light running-wise I had to resort to other means of getting my happy fix. Butter, sugar, flour and eggs plus a little inspiration are all that's required. A sugar high's pretty much the same as a running high isn't it? 

Last week's creations were The Kryptonite (thanks for the great name Lauren) They're my favourite chocolate cupcakes but the twist is the centre of choc-mint ganache, the choc-mint buttercream and the crushed peppermint crisp on the top. 

 And for those who are fond of desserts, here's one in cake form - Apple Crumble Cupcakes. I used my vanilla cake recipe and added cinnamon instead of vanilla then put a layer of stewed apples (just apple - no sugar) in the middle. The icing was maple syrup and cinnamon buttercream with a generous topping of crumble.

It's just as well I'm back running more this week because my jeans may have started to complain if I'd had to continue to taste-test new creations. 

So how do you other runners cope when you're not running as much?


  1. You are a vixen! All these dang cookies and cupcakes and deliciousness every time I click on your blog :)

    Great your times have improved so much from last year! Glad you are feeling so well!

  2. Day 1, week 1 - it's all up hill from here :)

    Why must you live on the other side of the world? If you lived anywhere in the states, Id'e come find you just to get some cupcakes! Man do those look good!!!

  3. so awesome to hear you're feeling good. and seriously...those cupcakes, yer killin' me!! but in a good kinda way, haha!

  4. I don't cope when I'm not running as much as I should be.... But if I had cup-cakes to eat, I might get though it!!!

  5. You make the most beautiful cupcakes, everytime I see a new one I want to lick my screen :)

    Must felt great to see how much you have improved your times.

  6. You don't happen to run a cupcake business on the side, do you? And deliver internationally? Chocolate mint happens, in fact, to be my kryptonite :)

    When not running, I clean a lot. I tidied the entire study yesterday while sidelined - it hadn't been touched in several months and my desk had turned into my dressing table and I couldn't see it under a thick carpet of earrings, hair accessories, and paid but unfiled bills...

  7. My first thought was "the shoes are too clean!" I want a Kryptonite cupcake right now! I eat mint crisp chocolates by the dozens. Anything for a mint crisp choc thingy! I don't cope with not running but luckily I haven't had much of the problem.

  8. Woohoo, let the marathon training begin. It's always exciting to start a new chapter. You're on a roll (and speedier one, too), keep it up!

    I am laughing at should see my trail shoes from Leadville Sunday - totally trashed. But in a good way :).

    I have a lot of stomach issues in longer runs. I'm finding that as much as I "think" I want something solid, it just doesn't work and though the thought of a sugar gel is revolting, it gets into the blood stream so much quicker and I feel better faster. Weird. Hope you get some positive results soon!

  9. I hate it when new running shoes get dirty - after the initial dirt I'm usually OK with the rest!
    As usual, your cupcakes look amazing - you should go on one of the cupcake challenge shows!!!
    Glad that your running is going so well!

  10. All the best with marathon training! I trashed my new Mizunos in Colorado but then it rained so hard they're clean again. Cannot decide which cupcake looks more delicious.

  11. Those cupcakes are so tempting. Good thing I can't take them out of the screen. Love that you are starting your marathon training successfully.

  12. Great to hear your shape is impoving! Enjoy your marathon training! Following a Marathon training schedule in winter is easier than in Summer.

    I also don't cope with not running

    Your running blog is becoming slightly a "cupcakes blog" :) That's a good thing!
    Your cupcakes look always delicious. At the moment, if I visited you in Brisbane I could eat those cakes ... my cholesterol level is decreasing sharply :) Anyway, your cupcakes are healthier than the American Dunkin' Donuts which are deep fried.

  13. How come there are so many cupcakes in a marathon training post...

  14. Love the interval breaks! I tell my coach it's the best part of the workout! Then he usually screams, "Let's go. C'mon. Pump thos arms! Push!" ...and I'm off, but with no cupcake fun to come home to.

  15. Oh I hate it when new shoes get 'dented'. At least it means you are using them I guess. And those cupcakes look wicked! I'm adding peppermint crisp to the topping of my next batch of chocolate cupcakes, you've inspired me!

  16. I get the impression that you don't eat / taste many of your cakes? Is that the case? I would only bake to eat them! (Though I am pretty effed in the head when it comes to food....) ;-)

    1. I eat the biscuits I make. And I taste all the batter and icing. Honestly the cakes and brownies don't tempt me too much but don't you dare leave me alone with a packet of lollies or chocolate or even ice cream. Luckily, or not, I haven't been able to have much ice cream since not being able to eat lactose


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