Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Getting Ready For Gold Coast

There's only three days till my ninth Gold Coast 10k. Three days till I add a ninth medal to my collection. And there's lots of decision-making and preparation before I can get away.

Not running preparation. That's all done and dusted now.

At this point there's nothing more that I can do that will make a difference on the day. Since the beginning of the year I've run 22 speed sessions and completed 69 other runs which include three races. I've run through 2 pair of shoes and put holes in the toes of four pair of socks. I've sweat gallons. And tried to pretend that peanut M&Ms make the best recovery food ever invented (I'm pretty sure that the peanuts are chock-full of muscle-building protein and all that sugar is now stored as glycogen in my muscles). The only preparation that will make me run better on Saturday is to get plenty of rest. (Take note love-of-my-life: the most important commandment that you have to follow this week is Thou Shalt Not Snore!)

A lot of the decision-making all involves food at this point. Most importantly - what should I bake? There's over 100 people running under the GaleForce Squad banner this year. That's a lot of hungry mouths. To say nothing of supporters - families and friends.

Of course I'm not solely responsible for feeding all those hungry mouths but I do want to make sure that once again the GFRS tents have the best baked goods at the event. Pity that's not one of the award category.

So my oven has been fired up and Toby's tongue's at the ready to help with all that pesky bowl-cleaning. I've just pulled a batch of cookies out (the pink M&Ms are left-overs from Tom and Bec's wedding) but I've hit a mental road-block. I have no idea what else to cook. There's just too many options.

Do I go with the tried and true chocolate cupcakes? And if I do, will I ice them (always potential for a disaster when braking suddenly on the trip to the coast and then what if the weather turns warm?) Or will I go the caramel? I've got lots of tangelos from our tree so I could make some tangelo and poppyseed muffins. Caramel slice? Cranberry and white chocolate slice? Mocha date scones? Pumpkin scones? Anzac biscuits?

If I had unlimited time and unlimited energy I would make them all but there's a little thing called work that's really got to be done. And then there's the issue of actually getting them to the tent. My usual beast of burden has decided that he'd rather spend the weekend at home than have me ignore him for two days while I talk boring running stuff with my running buddies. He doesn't find it as amusing as me to rate the shirtless male marathoners on a scale of ten to put-it-back-on. And he doesn't like seeing my disappointed face when I find out he missed that action shot of me when I came flying past our tents. (Let's face it I'm not that fast and he should have time to take at least five pics).

Let's just say that our idea of a fun weekend differs somewhat and leave it at that.

The baking issue is just one of my dilemmas. I also have to decide what I'm going to wear. It's looking like it'll be about 11C. That's just over 50F. Cool but not ridiculous. So do I go shorts or my 3/4 tights? Singlet or t-shirt? Hat or hair?

And will I bring my music? That seems to be such a contentious issue these days. Personally I've never had any issue with runners using music - I have more problems with people who dodge and weave dangerously, who cut in front of you as you're going through water stops, who stop dead in your path and force you to take defensive measures and those that start way too close to the front according to their running ability.

Then there's just that little annual argument that I have with my bestie Natalie. She thinks it was my idea to commit to running 10 years of 10k together. I'm sure it was hers. Neither of us wants to take the blame credit. Let's face it, at our age we're never going to remember what happened nine years ago. I have issues remembering what happened last week.

And finally, what colour shirt are we going to be lumped with this year? Participants in the 10k seem to be treated as the poor, colour-blind cousins of the Gold Coast Marathon weekend. We've been treated to some of the most hideous coloured shirts. I have grey, pale yellow (only certain skin tones work with yellow) and an insipid minty colour that I have problems describing (and I work with colours). They are always a man's cut despite at least half of the competitors being female. And most of my shirts have been used as rags or been given away. But I haven't given up hope. One year we're going to end up with a shirt that I like.

But despite all these uncertainties there's one thing I know for sure. I'm going to have a fun weekend.


  1. That happened with my Twilight run singlet - it was a bit of a shocker. At 11 degrees I'd probably wear shorts and a long sleeved running shirt. I need to be warm across my chest :)

  2. 50F I'm still in shorts and singlet. PERFECT temps for a 10k !!!!
    I throw off a lot of heat, esp in a 10k. Nice to have a jacket at the finish though.

    I don't mind music users in a non-crowded race, but it can be a problem in races with tight spots..since they can't hear things like "on your left".

    Have a a fun weekend for SURE!

  3. Wow, congratulations on the nine-year streak. I'm hoping to get there someday.

    What about offspring as substitute event photographers/ beasts of burden? That's why you have them, isn't it?

    Those cookies look delicious. And you can never really go wrong with caramel slice. One day I shall run the Gold Coast marathon (plenty of Singaporeans do it every year for the wonderful temperatures and lack-of-elevation profile) and come say hi. I'm slow - please save some baked goods for me! :)

  4. My 05h00 morning runs are been run in 5* and I'm still running without a shirt... But you are running a race so I guess you should wear something!!! But No Music!!! (not for a race...)

    bring food I want to be there.... (and beer!)

  5. Decisions, decisions :)

    Hmmm I think I would like to be sitting next to Toby and taste everything you make. It all sounds so good.

    My significant other sometimes comes with me to races if he has nothing else to do and if the race is close to home. I don't mind if he doesn't come. He does classic races with his motor bike and I only go with him once or twice a year. We have different interests and nothing wrong with that.

    And I don't run without music, it's my saver when the running goes tough. I don't mind other people using music. I have the same annoyance with runners like you have. I am a slow runner and I always run on the right side of the road so the fast runners can pass me and I don't bother them.

    And last: shirtless male runners? Where? Why don't I get to see that here in Holland LOL

  6. It's so exciting hearing about everyone's race prep as I'm not running GC this year. So agree with you about the hideous shirts they hand out .. offcuts maybe? I think I have the same yellow one you do! Can't help with your clothes .. I need to be warm even if it's 18degrees! Have a great run!

  7. I would love to run a race with you and get delicious home baked treats!! Yum. I love anything pumpkin. But I don't think you can ever go wrong with a basic chocolate cupcake.

    Have fun!

  8. The time is certainly flying! I can't believe it is Gold Coast again. You'll have a super weekend. Enjoy!

  9. THere needs to be an award for best post race snacks. You'd be the grand champion. Have a great race and fun weekend!

  10. Brilliant, a good read :-)
    In 11ÂșC I'd go with 3/4 tights and a T-shirt.

    I saw a shirtless male mowing the lawn of the local community centre this morning dropping the kids at school .... won't be surprised if a few of them need counselling!!!

  11. I reckon I could run 9 years of a 10K if you were feeding me with your cookies and cupcakes. Sounds like it should be a great race - have fun!

  12. You do have some serious decisions to make in the next couple of days!!! Good luck!!
    And, I try to convince my husband on regular nights that I would sleep so much better if he would quit snoring - and then he goes off on a trip and I still don't sleep well!!!
    Happy baking!!!

  13. If I lived near you I can't imagine what I would weigh! Have fun at the race. It sounds like you will for sure. Hope your t-shirt is a decent color.

  14. I'm afraid I have no advice on the running outfit (unsurprisingly!).

    I'm seriously impressed with your baking mojo though. I don't 'bake' at all. I cook meals but that's about it. I love that you can bake a lot and not be hugely tempted by all of your treats and I love that you have the patience to make them all so damned pretty!

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