Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Vent And A Laugh

I just needed to have a little vent today. And I know it's totally safe to vent in this very public forum because the people I need to vent about are dinosaurs when it comes to technology.

And the people I need to vent about - In-Laws!!

Most of us have them and they can certainly be a mixed blessing. Personally I think the reason I find mine so hard to get on with is because there's a huge disparity in the way we treat people. When I make plans with other people I try to stick with those plans. Sure I might be 5 minutes late sometimes but I try to respect others enough to not let them down.

My MIL and SIL - not so much.

About a month ago Iven found out that he needed to take holidays soon or lose them. I'm not fond of him being on holidays when I'm not, seeing as I work from home - feels like he's invading my workspace and slowing me down. So I suggested he go visit his Mum and sister for about a week. They live in Gunnedah which is about 8 hours drive from here. Iven hates the drive but his Mum's 93 now so it's important for him to see her at least once a year.

So Iven did the right thing. He rang his Mum and confirmed a date before booking his holiday. He was set to leave here on Monday. Friday night he gets a call from his sister saying he can only stay for two days now because they've decided to take a trip.

What?? Who does that just two days out? And when Iven can't change his holidays for a more convenient time?

I'd been not so secretly been looking forward to my mini-holiday. Having the bed to myself. No snoring. Not having to cook dinner if I didn't feel like it because cereal makes a perfectly adequate night time meal. And the trade-off - feeding the dogs and putting out the rubbish is totally worth the blissful sleep. So I'm not proud to admit that I had a little tanty (okay - a pouty, full-on tantrum) on Friday night. But I swear some of it was because of the cavalier way that they'd treated Iven.

So poor Iven's been stuck at home with a sulky wife, no plans for his holiday and no one to do stuff with. Fun times for him!

Vent over.

On to something a little bit lighter. Having sons.

Sons can be basic and gross at times but boy can they make you laugh.

This is a text I received the other day (Names have not been given to protect the perpetrator and punctuation apparently is not important if you're young)

Son : So Im just waiting at the bus stop with my headphones in and im feeling a tiny bit gassy so I let our a sneaky silent one. I turn around a minute later and realise theres a small asian girl behind me and I dont know how long shes been there.. a minute later shes another five steps away from me.. I hope she was just getting out of the sun..

Me: Ha ha ha
      The perils of being tall. And I'm just wondering about her nose to your butt height ratio.

Son: Yeah well considering we were on a drive way slope as well the ratio reached deadly.

Like mother like son (I'll admit to having the same experience in a supermarket queue). But I'm proud of my boy. Not for the flatulence. But for feeling just a little shame.

Do daughters do this?


  1. Boys! I will not confirm or deny if daughters do this but I can definitely tell you, daughters do not brag to their mums about it in a text message afterwards.

    You could ask the girlfriend but that would probably out your son.

  2. I have niether, so I know nothing...

  3. HaHa - that story about your son cracked me up!!!
    And - BOO to the last minute change and rudeness involved. Sorry that both you and your husband's holidays were thrown off!!!

  4. Love the story about your son:) So funny! Sorry about the holiday:( I love my time alone as well so I totally relate. Luckily my husband travels for work so I get that time to myself at least a few days every couple weeks;)

  5. Oh in-laws. Priceless aren't they?
    I'll bet daughters do what your son did but they'd never admit to it. Hilarious!

  6. You can choose your friends but you can't choose your family. There in a gift wrapped package the minute you "choose" your partner for life. That says enough how I feel about my MIL right? Not a fan either :)
    Not a nice and decent way of them to treat their son and brother this way.

    My partner in crime is in Italy for a couple of days and I'm loving the time at home alone too.

    Your son's story made me laugh and it's only 8.30 am, nothing better than start a day with a smile.

  7. I also relish my husband going away and me having the bed to myself as well as a free choice of what to do in the evening. However, we've had a few big spiders recently, so I definitely need him around some evenings.

  8. Hysterical about the bus line. I would have laughed so hard at that text. And I totally get looking forward to a whole bed, no snoring and CEREAL for dinner because why not?

  9. Oh, I completely get your frustration with your MIL and SIL. How rude. And strange!

    Love the flatulence story. I'm always a bit paranoid about lifts for that usual reason of thinking you're alone and then someone else getting on!!!



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