Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Life As A Movie

Imagine if your life was a movie. That you were being filmed from before sunrise to after dark.

Most of us get through life assuming that we're a little bit invisible. That no one notices what we're doing. But that's not always true.

This YouTube clip was linked on Facebook and it got me thinking.

How many times have I wanted to break out and 'shake my thang' while I've been waiting for the lights to change while I've been out running? How many times have I wanted to re-enact the scene from Sound of Music where Maria runs up the hill, arms outstretched embracing the feeling of being alive? How many times have I wanted to sing along at the shopping centre? And how many times have I held back because I don't want to look stupid?

I sat over my cup of coffee this morning watching that clip and smiling. Just enjoying her enjoying moving and the music. I didn't think she looked stupid at all - more like she was having fun and we got to have fun vicariously. So maybe next time I feel the music move me I should just go with it and to hell with worrying about looking stupid. If I look stupid enough it'll make people laugh - there should be more laughter in the world.

The other thing that it made me think of was what genre would my life's movie be? Absolutely not a
sci-fi despite my zombie-like appearance at early morning running sessions. Probably not a romance - after 27 years together our version of romance is me prodding Iven to make him roll over in bed and stop him snoring and him excusing himself if he passes wind audibly in the bed.

The last few years I would have called it a drama because I seemed to go from one to the next - thank goodness this year's been smoother sailing. Sometimes it's slapstick comedy - like the time I was running down a hill channelling my inner Kenyan only to be almost wiped out by a man inside a bus shelter hailing a bus. Sometimes it's blue comedy - actually that would be every run that ends up with me in the bushes.

No, I think my life movie would be an epic. The search for meaning, happiness, balance and the perfect cupcake recipe. A tale of sporting triumph (on a very small scale where the only person I compete against is myself).

 A story of mother's love and sacrifice - like the time I shared my hidden bar of chocolate with a son who was having a bad day. It would have moments of tension - which happens every time I open the washing machine and wonder if someone's left a tissue in their pocket.

Moments of tenderness - like when I bake and Toby sits below me and looks at me with such a look of devoted love. 

And it would have lots of drawn out boring scenes where I'm cutting out yet another pair of posing trunks.

Yeah, it probably wouldn't be a blockbuster but I'd make sure it had an amazing soundtrack - with selections directly off my MP3 player.

So what kind of movie would your life be?


  1. I don't really know, but I don't think it would make very good viewing... Wait maybe we could make a National Geographic Movie about the mountains I run on...

  2. That's a difficult question. I would have to think about that. But I would definitely make sure Bella was in it. Just in case the movie would get boring, Bella would make the audience laugh for sure :)

    I love that lady. I like signing in the car, since I can't sing it's a good thing people just see my mouth move :) I sometimes dance a little (or sing) in my office when I hear a great song on the radio. I have an office for myself but sometimes colleagues pass while I'm doing that: I don't mind, I'm having fun!

  3. Mine would be a drama....more like a miniseries than a movie....and a bit of a cautionary tale.....

  4. Good question on the movie - no clue, though!
    Love that video clip - what fun!!! Sometimes when I'm running and one of my favorite songs comes on I want to do a little jig but I'm not really coordinated enough to run and dance!!!

  5. Lots of lorrys (lorries) going past the dancing queen isn't there? My movie would be a comedy for sure!

  6. Of course I don't mind: I sometimes love singing while I'm walking. But after I had watched that clip my thoughts went out to
    Orwell's book published in 1949 :)

  7. Probably a comedy musical, as I found myself singing out loud when running with my ipod on the toher day. I did check to make sure there was no-one around, so hopefully I won't be turning up on you tube.

  8. Your movie sounds good. Not so sure what mine would be like. It would make everyone feel good about their own swimming skills if it showed me swimming. I'd like to think it showed someone who doesn't give up. Nothing exciting like the perfect cupcake recipe though. That is something to be proud of!!!

  9. I dont know about anybody else.... but I jam to songs when I'm running all the time. Dont care whos watching!


  10. I'm having problems viewing it. Is it the one of the lady dancing at the bus stop? Cos I loved that. I'm the same - too embarrassed to do stuff for fear of being judged.

    I like the sound of your movie! ;-) Mine would be v.dull... me sitting at my desk all day. Perhaps a reality TV show?!


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