Sunday, September 29, 2013


Thirteen days to go.

That means it's time to take things a little bit easier. No more 4:00am starts. No more really long runs. Time to get serious about resting. Time to start feeling fresh. There's really not much more I can do running-wise at this stage to make the marathon any easier. It's not like when I used to cram for exams at uni. I've had to be disciplined and consistent - and there's still no guarantee that it'll be any easier on the day. At least I know I've done everything in my power to be prepared.

Over the past few months I've completed 3 x 28k (17 mile), 2 x 32k (20 mile) and 3 x 37k (23 mile) runs. I've run my fastest half marathon in quite a few years and I've only missed three of my scheduled runs - two in the week straight after the half marathon and one when I was just too tired. All in all I feel like it's gone incredibly well and even if the run isn't the greatest I can be proud that I made it this far. Sometimes just getting to the starting line is a big deal.

I've had to face some pretty big fears on this journey. My fear of getting sick again and my fear of failure. But in facing them I feel like I've become a stronger person. One who knows the power of persistence and self-belief. And that was the whole point of signing up for this adventure in the first place - to stretch myself, to put my bad years behind me and to remind myself that my spirit can be limitless.

And it won't stop once the marathon is over. I've already been ticking off events in my head that I wouldn't mind working towards next year. My eldest has said he'll do Great Ocean Road with me (the half, not the full). I've always wanted to do Canberra. And I wouldn't mind doing Kurrawa to Duranbah in December if my recovery from the marathon goes well. So many options!

I'm pretty sure my next adventure will be less fraught with fear. It will be built on strong memories of what I've overcome and what can be achieved with effort and confidence.


  1. 2 weeks and I have the same time before a half I'm racing, I'm hoping I can put in a lot of training to get a bit of speed back... hope your rest goes well and really a marathon isn't that far!!!

  2. You are going to do great in your marathon and I love that you are already looking ahead to all of the other things you want to do!!

  3. Your training has been SO impressive, Char. Cannot wait to see how hard you spank that marathon. The hay is in the barn for sure.

  4. You have already accomplished so much before you even run this marathon. That's a victory at itself! Be proud of yourself.

    I heard a saying by a retired Dutch cyclist that has done the Tour de France many times. He said that the Tour is won in bed. Meaning rest, rest, rest. Guess that goes for taper weeks before a marathon too.

  5. I love that you keep challenging yourself. That's what it's all about I guess and if you really didn't like it you wouldn't be able to push yourself in the way you do.

    Go you!!!

  6. The marathon is mostly mental. I'm going to say the same thing I said on Slowly Tri-ing - trust all the hard work and training you've put in, and go rock that marathon!

  7. You really have done effective long runs, Char! Keep your motivation!

  8. Pushing yourself is scary - there is always that fear of overdoing it and getting injured or ill. But when it works, it feels fantastic! You have done some great training, so relax and think positive!

  9. Yes! You are going to do seriously amazing. I'm with you, I am loving spending a bit more time in bed. That 4:00am wake-up stuff is for the birds.


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