Tuesday, February 4, 2014

As Requested

I try to keep my readers happy. 

So when Coach Dion asked to see my new shorts being modelled how could I not oblige?!

I'm expecting phone calls from the marketing divisions of Lululemon (and Rockwear for the top) to discuss further modelling ventures. 

But I've warned my #3 son that they'll probably expect him to shave his legs and maybe tan-up a little for the shots.

And I've warned him that as his agent I will be taking 50% because that's how much DNA I provided. And because that body was sculpted and moulded by my special exercise plan (a lot of squats to pick up the dirty undies off his floor) and diet (cookies, cupcakes and brownies - home made of course).

Thanks for being such a good sport Luke!!


  1. HaHa!! I can't believe that you convinced your son to model those and actually be on your blog!! What a great sport!

  2. OMG what is going on down under?? The heat has finally gotten to you!

  3. Dying. Your kid is a champ for agreeing to go along with this!

  4. Brilliant, I'm now please it wasn't a new bikini you bought....

  5. He just needs a tiara. To finish off the look.

  6. Haha, awesome! I know there is not a kid in our house that would do that.

  7. What kind of brownies you guys eating down there??

    Hahaha.... He is a good sport!

  8. Too funny. I do love those shorts.


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