Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Last week wasn't all fun and games and seal kisses and unicorns farting rainbows.

As lovely as it was to be on the receiving end of a fishy-smelling smooch, there were heavy things weighing on me. Tough family stuff. It cast a little shadow over our weekend away. And into the week once we were home. And as an over-thinker I was having a hard time letting it go.

But with some problem-solving and a bit of effort, the worry started to lift as this week started. Things have improved daily and today I was ready to let it all go. With one of those runs that are less about training and more about clearing the head.

I chose my favourite route. Along the river. Because the water seems to give me the greatest sense of peace. It was still dark - my favourite time to run. Because when it's dark there are fewer distractions. More time to think. Or not think. Just to be. To feel the movement.

As I ran I could feel the run work its usual magic. All the problems from the past week were a thousand miles away. Floating down the river towards the sea. 

The air was crisp but a long way from cold. The river was still and the reflections from the street lights and buildings stretched in bands across the river like a giant technicolour barcode. And that made me wonder exactly what would come up at the checkout if a scanner was run over it.

I didn't have to ponder that question very long. There's only one answer to that question. A price check would come up with $0.00. 

Being there at that moment, in the moment, enjoying the moment - truly priceless.


  1. Sorry you have had some worry and stress but os glad that you are able to get out and run and relieve some of that stress!

  2. Having an outlet for stress (other than food and alcohol, that is) is VERY important. Go you!

  3. When we have a crazy busy time, we would need a short vacation. But what we need most of all is a period of total disconnection.

  4. Sounds like just what you needed. I'd fall into pot holes if I ran in the dark. Or encounter a skunk or 3.

  5. I'm glad things have turned the right direction for you. And that you had a run to ponder...

  6. That is priceless!

    I love the photo of you and the seal, you look so happy.

  7. Thank God for running, right? Hang in there.

  8. Those runs where the only purpose is to clear the head......those are my favorite.

    Love the seal picture!!

  9. Wow. THat is priceless. Sorry about your worries. I know what you mean. Family worries can really bring you down especially when you can't help. Hope things improve still more.


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