Wednesday, May 14, 2014

When Eyes Meet Eyes

Back again on-line finally after another hiatus. More technical issues meant that our celebrations last Friday were very short-lived. But this time we've been connected for more than eight hours so I'm calling it a win.

So what's happened in my life in the last week, you ask? A lot of the same old, same old - sleeping, running, eating, working and trying to stay calm about going to Melbourne on Saturday. But the highlight of the week would have to be the 'moment' I had on a run yesterday.

Luckily this moment didn't involve any unwanted or poorly-timed bodily functions. This moment was just a fleeting encounter. A moment where eyes meet eyes and there is a connection. A moment when you feel like although you're strangers, you already know each other's hearts.

You've all heard of love at first sight. Where you glance across the room and catch sight of him (or her) and your eyes meet and suddenly you're lost. Well it was nothing like that - apart from the eyes meeting bit.

I was just running along one of my usual routes, enjoying the crisp morning air and the fact that running really helps with the pre-travel, I-think-too-much nerves when I came across a running group running the opposite direction. The path was fairly narrow but it was wide enough for us to pass comfortably if we all ran single file. All of the group seemed to understand that running courtesy dictates that you move across so your fellow runners can pass - well all of the group EXCEPT the tall, dark man at the back.

As I got closer I was waiting for him to do what his friends had done - just move a foot to the left. But no. He wasn't budging. Our eyes locked - but not in the romantic across-the-room-happily-ever-after way. They locked in a battle-to-the-death, blink-and-you-lose way.

I gave him the stink eye that said 'Shove over you uncouth Neanderthal.'

His matching glare said 'I'm sick of bra-burning feminists who think they own the world'

Then I used my death glare.' Were you raised by wolves? Whatever happened to good manners and common courtesy?'

To which he countered with a belligerent gaze  'I'm coming through. I'm bigger and faster and if you don't get out of the way you're going to get hurt.'

But I had the last word with the evil eye as I stepped off the path because he was bigger and faster. 'You might be able to outrun me but you won't be able to outrun Karma. I hope you pull a groin muscle.'

And as he ran off into the distance I went with the scathing, withering glance perfected centuries past by pragmatic school teachers the world over and had one last mental shot 'Stupid a$$hole.'

Yep, I won that battle. And without even saying a word.

And because all posts should come with a picture, here's a gratuitously cute photo of Toby welcoming me home after I'd been longer at the shops than usual. I got a two-toy greeting.


  1. Fantastic! Way to utilize the stink eye and stand your ground. Geez what a jerk.

  2. Aw hate that. We play that game as cyclists if they're on the wrong side of the road!

  3. LOL! You have very articulate eyes!

  4. I can just picture this happening :) Well done to you! Why are there always someone like that that cross our paths?

  5. I have similar stares with mothers on the school run; the scene = 2 moms side by side, buggies and kids running wild …. none of them budge a centimetre and they take up the WHOLE path - I have landed up in the wet grass in flip-flops more times than I care to remember!

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  7. Fortunately, I have never met such "kind" of runners. Great job with the strenght of your eyes language.

  8. I think my leg might have accidentally had a crazy spasm right when he passed - total jerk wad!!!
    Love the eye communication!

  9. We females always win when it comes to the stink eye!

  10. I love that Toby has stuffed toys! When I walked regularly I used to love morning walks as everyone was far more sociable and friendly. Although if you're walking around a loop (which I did in Hawthorne Park in Brissy) it gets a bit weird when you see the same people again and again!

  11. I hate people who don't have a clue about manners and common sense.

  12. You are so funny! I'm glad I wasn't the tall dark man. Some runners don't get the "runners rules". I've seen slow runners running in the middle of the road slowing the fast ones down. I myself as a slower runner always stay on the right of the road so I don't bother the faster ones. And I look over my shoulder if I want to pass an even slower runner (not that that happens often LOL).

    I saw Toby on FB this morning and showed it to the hub which made him smile just like pics of Toby always make me smile.

    Have a good trip to Melbourne this weekend.

  13. Goodness! I'm glad most runners aren't like that. We know the rules of the road.

  14. TOBY!!!

    You're the funniest bra-burning feminist I know! But the pulled groin was a little much to wish a fellow runner ... that's like one of the "big ones". Might as well have cast a spell of "snapped Achilles" on him!

  15. Man, I don't want to break a runner's rule with you nearby!

  16. Women are so much better than men at the death-stare. Sorry guys, but it's just our thing. And I love the greeting from Toby.


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