Tuesday, June 24, 2014

News, News and More News

After last week's events I'm finding it hard to enjoy my morning coffee trip. Having been accosted interrupted twice in one week I'm finding it hard not to scan the seats for white and grey-headed old lions on the prowl. I'm scanning all the seats before I choose my own and looking for the one furthest away from any likely Casanova in the hope that distance and dodgy hips or knees will be enough of a deterrent. I'm seriously dreading pension day!

In other news - Toby got a new toy.

I'm not entirely sure what animal it's supposed to be but I know that after only a couple of plays it was blinded. They don't make dog toys quite sturdy enough for tug-of-war-death-matches between two determined combatants. 

We did manage to find one eyeball. But the other seems to have disappeared. And my theory as to where it's disappeared should be proven any day now. I'm desperately hoping that it's been eaten and will be passed as the crowning glory to an epic power dump. I'd even be prepared to risk the $220 council fine just to enjoy the knowledge that some poor unsuspecting person might find this Cyclopean creation and be haunted by the memory of a poo that would win any staring competition.  

I know - I'm just a little strange.

And more news - my half brother, who's visiting for 10 weeks with his fiancée and baby, has decided to get married while he's here. It's going to be like a pop-up wedding. There's about four weeks to organise everything but so far so good. Clothes have been bought. Celebrants have been sourced. As has a venue. And it looks like I'll be on cake-duty. So I've been practising.

I need to work a little bit on getting the fondant on without wrinkles if they choose to go traditional.

This one is my homage to Game of Thrones. A crown. And all the blood shed to win the crown. 

And my final bit of news - I'll be running my tenth 10k at Gold Coast in just over a week's time. I know I haven't mentioned much about training lately but it has been happening. In fact it's been going pretty well. I've had a couple of successful 60k+ weeks (the + was because of a few unexpected detours in search of toilets) and some runs that have been confidence-building. My aim is to get under the 50 minute mark again this year and Monday's run of 16k where the last 8k were all under the 5 minute mark (except for two of them that included hills - and they weren't much over 5 mins).

Over to you. What's been happening in your world?


  1. Our dogs also just 'eat' toys, so they have to do without...

    Now a sub 50 should be easy for you, so we wait to hear how you smashed to clock!

  2. One of my friends here is going to the GC and doing the 10km.

    LOVE your cakes - you are amazing!

    PS. No pics of eyeball-laden dog poo thanks! ;-)

  3. Okay: you do follow or have read Game of thrones? Because if you do, you do know what happens at the red wedding right? Not the best way to start your half-brothers wedding :) I love, love, love the first one. You are so talented.

    And the toy made me laugh because it's so recognizable.

  4. It looks clearly like a duck to me (the toy, not the cake). 60K weeks is huge mileage, good going.

  5. We've never actually met, but I can say with some degree of certainty that you're more than "a little strange" ... but that's why I read.

  6. I think a lawsuit is in order as certainly that eye is a choking hazard. Your bro is certainly in the right place for an awesome wedding cake. Maybe I need to think about an anniversary trip down under??

  7. That poor assaulted toy. Tori would love to help you search for the eye, I hate to admit.

    How fun to have the wedding while they are visiting! The cake will be amazing, of that I am sure.

  8. If the eye does not emerge in the poop, you can always walk Toby somewhere very public and strategically plant the remaining eye atop the steaming mound.

    Funny, I saw that cake on Facebook and thought 'it's the Iron Throne in cake form!'

    1. PS AAAAUGH you reminded me about Gold Coast. Now I feel queasy.

  9. Your cakes are fantastic - you're a pro!

  10. I think it's the elusive chick-e-lizard, which is known to be dangerous. This is why your dog has blinded it for your family's safety. It can no longer sneak up on you. Good dog!

  11. That cake is awesome!!!
    I just showed my boys and said you "get to live in Australia." They made fun of the get part - I told them that does it, I'm moving!!

  12. Our dog, Spiral, destroys his toys within minutes. He loves getting new ones but unfortunately due to the fact that he runs off and destroys them immediately he doesn't get that many. I'm hoping to do a 10km on 12 July but I've had a really bad time with flu :(


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