Tuesday, June 17, 2014

You Should Buy a Lottery Ticket

Have you every been watching the news and thought to yourself "Wow! He's a lucky guy. He should go out and buy a lottery ticket."

It's usually in relation to a near miss. Like with this guy.

Or an uncanny coincidence. Like this guy who gets knocked off his bicycle only to land on a mattress.

Well, I actually got to meet one of those 'lucky' guys today. At my local shopping centre. And I should have taken him straight to the newsagent to buy a lottery ticket or at least a scratch-it.

I was just sitting down, minding my own business and doing the crossword in the newspaper, when the 'lucky' guy walked by me. He paused by my table, looked down at my phone (which I was using to help with a clue) and said "It's cheating if you use your phone."

Really? Cheating?? I didn't know that doing a crossword for relaxation was like doing an exam. And that he was a self-appointed moderator. And personally I'm not a big fan of having strangers coming and telling me that I'm doing things wrong. Except if it's to do with changing a tyre and the thing I'm doing wrong may end up in me being crushed under a car. In that situation I'm more than happy for a stranger to intervene.

It's not like I'd go up to him while he's eating his KFC for breakfast (which he did) and say to him "you're cheating on your diet." 

So why is he lucky? He's lucky that I have amazing self-restraint despite having three nights of barely sufficient sleep and quite the case of PMS (or is it menopause? or both overlapping in one spectacular fireball of hormones?) And he's lucky that my death stare doesn't actually cause death ... yet. Believe me, I'm working on that particular skill. But I'm pretty sure he's aware that he over-stepped after I told him that I really didn't care about his opinions.

And on the subject of PMS -

A special gift from a special person who really gets me. It's funny because it's true.


  1. How strange to get approached like that? Perhaps he was hitting on you?!

    1. I hope not. That would be the last straw that the demographic of men that I now attract is old, bald, overweight and judgemental.

  2. Maybe it's you who is lucky and needs to buy a lotto ticket... I have one on my desk and I think I had better check it today, I could be rich!!!!!

  3. He was lucky! Not sure if he would have gotten away so easy with me. I hate it when people do that too.

    The most stupid thing that happened to me was that someone said I wrote down my name wrong. Sorry? You would think I would know how to write my name right?

    This girl was named the same as me, only my name is written Franciska (named after my grandpa Frank) and her name was written Francisca and she said to me I spelled my name wrong. Can you believe that? She still has her teeth but she was close to losing them all LOL

  4. Oh boy, that fear is totally what keeps me up at night too.

    I reckon you should have asked him for the right answer, clever-clogs...

  5. Love the bookmark! As a 46 year old woman, I seem to be in a perpetual state of trying to decide if it's hormonal or just me. And my family is scared :) Glad you didn't stab the guy!

  6. Oh gosh I'd have wrung his neck. Then I'd blame that fireball of hormones.

  7. What is it with people giving unsolicited advice? To strangers?? (With the exception, obviously, of things like the tire-changing that could result in, like, death or dismemberment or something.)

  8. I think that guy is very lucky that you spared him - I would have had all sorts of remarks to share with him and my foot might even have somehow found a way be in his way. People are just RUDE sometimes!!

  9. Oh, come on. You're a cutie. He was hitting on you.


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