Wednesday, November 17, 2010

God's Little Gifts

Some days I'm sure that God sends me little events to help me accept things. Yesterday was one of those days. It was Chemistry exam take #2 for Luke and they'd kindly set the exam for earlier than when school starts. This meant that we had to consult the CityCat (ferry) schedule and work out exactly when to leave.

The CityCat left at 8:08 so I wanted to leave at 7:50. Luke, however, thought that was too early and, despite my grim predictions of traffic issues at that time of the morning, got ready for his scheduled departure time of 7:56. We left home and hadn't gone 500m before he knew that I WAS RIGHT! The traffic was crawling where we usually had a free run and he missed the City Cat.

Why is it that when kids make mistakes, we parents are the ones who have to fix it? Mind you, if it was a normal day I would have made him catch the later one and been late for school. But it wasn't a normal day and he HAD to get there on time for an exam that he'd already done. So I just had to suck it up and drive him through peak hour traffic into the city.

It did give me a little quality time with my soon-to-be-graduated-from-high-school young man. And that was time to graciously point out that this inconvenience to his mother was all his fault. He was incredulous! How could it be his fault that the traffic was bad?!!! OMG! How can it NOT be his fault.

All this week I'd been feeling a little nostalgic about leaving high school. That drive into the city totally cured me of that and I think that was God's little gift to me.

And onto things of running. I had my best run post-marathon this morning. It was only 10k and it was pretty slow but I felt pretty good through the run and have felt energized ever since. (I'd been really tired after all my other ones.) Oh happy day!


  1. Amazing how differently we can see things than our children! You are brave to drive through heavy traffic and a good mother.

  2. Teenagers!
    Glad your run was better than your forced commute.

  3. I'm sure sitting in traffic must have cured you from the "leaving high school blues". God sent...definitely!
    Wonderful that you're getting your running energy back!

  4. Ha ha - his indignation totally reminds me of my nearly 16 year old son - he can be this way, too, sometimes. Glad your run went well - sounds like you are at last getting back to normal!

  5. Not the ideal way to start a day (ugh traffic) but glad you had some Q-time with your son.

    Yay for a great run!

  6. I love this!

    Having the kids leave the house is a mixed blessing...depending on the day!

  7. I love this spin on your situation today! Thank you!

  8. Awesome post Char.

    God's little gifts. . . . nothing compares to them.


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