Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Scattered Thoughts

Just a few random things today.

I haven't hurt myself for three whole days! My elbow has scabbed up nicely and the blisters are almost healed. I'm hoping not to spill any blood at all this week :)

Iven and I have finally become fed up with stepping in chicken poo and cleaning up the gravel that the Rockettes have scratched all over the paths. We've built a chicken-proof fence across the back yard to contain them and their misdeeds and THEY ARE NOT HAPPY! Every time I go out into the yard I get clucked at. They wander up and down the length of the fence and rush the gate when anyone enters. They've even gone so far as to withhold eggs. And this makes me wonder if not laying is anything like constipation. Do they get stomach aches and the urge to push but come up empty? Or are they just being tight-arses?

Josh got all his marks back and he will graduate - with second-class honours. Proud of my boy.

And, yes Jamoosh, your invite did get lost in the mail. Would you have come?


  1. Glad you are not hurt more and loved your comment on EMZ's blog today!

  2. Oh my goodness- I didn't know that chickens could act out like that!
    Glad you're staying injury free!

  3. Would I have come? You never know. However it will be nice to some day get back - I lived in Sale for a few years as a kid.

  4. Glad you are staying injury free so far this week. We had chickens like that some years ago and boy they can be difficult!

  5. Aparrently, my invite was lost too. Maybe I'll actually get to Australia one day.

    six trips to NZ and nooooooooo Austrailia in sight?! what the heck?!

  6. Your blisters are almost healed and that's good to hear.
    Happy running Char!


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