Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Influential Women

I visited the newly-opened patisserie of a running friend today. Actually it's her husband's patisserie but what's his is hers when you're married. It's a cute little shop in a strip of shops and has mix and match old furniture and you feel at home as soon as you walk through the door. Fiona, my running friend, was there and she greeted me with a kiss and I introduced her to my sister.

Fiona proceeded to say the nicest things about me to my sister - how much I inspire her and how much she'd like to be like me (as she gets older). It was a little embarrassing but terribly flattering and it got me thinking about how we influence other people. I get inspired my people in my running group all the time - by their positivity, their commitment and dedication, and their acceptance of everyone. I don't think of myself as inspirational - I just enjoy being around such a nice group of people who help keep me motivated - but Fiona's comments brought home to me that people see your actions and can be affected by them either positively or negatively. And I would rather be affecting people positively.

It also made me think of people who have been influential in my life. Billy, my oldest client, who was at the gym until she turned 90! Teresa who I met by shopping for years on the same day as her and who is always so positive despite cancer and diabetes. Then there's Natalie (who I've walked with weekly for so many years that I can't remember) who has inspired me to be more generous with my time and my talents. And my young friend Karen, who has shown me that friendship doesn't have age-barriers. And Jenny... and Julie (my sister) ... There are too many wonderful women to name. I have been blessed with their abundance.


  1. That patisserie looks lovely!
    Even more importantly, how neat to know you've inspired others as much as you've been inspired. That is wonderful!

  2. This is such a nice post, Char! I think it is true that our actions and attidues affect others in ways we cannot imagine and how nice to be reminded of that in such a positive way!

  3. Nice post. There are so many people who influence us. I have been influenced by people I work with that always made exercise a part of their life before I did.

  4. This is such an inspiring post and so true. My running group the Twisted Sisters are all such strong women like your friends. All four of us have had a tragedy in our life and all of us have become all the stronger for it.But damn it ,my strength would not survive a visit to that patisserie.


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