Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Pain In My Own Butt

I'm a pain in my own butt!

Okay I've said it. I've long known that I can be a pain in my kids cumulative butts ("put your clothes away - no not on the floor, in the drawers" "make your bed" "do your homework" "eat your veggies" "blah, blah, white noise") And a pain in my husband's butt. ("can you roll over and stop snoring?" can you roll over and stop snoring?" "CAN YOU ROLL OVER AND STOP SNORING?")

But now I've become a pain in my own butt.

Okay I've got to admit that it was only my hamstring to start off with. Something happened when I ran the Brisbane half. I didn't hurt it during the event but later that afternoon I noticed it was tight. I've been stretching and taking it a bit easy on my speed runs. But then we had the hill session from hell last Wednesday and I could hardly walk because of tight calves for a few days. And then on Sunday I decided in all my wisdom, that I needed to get my long run done. Not just a shorter version because my calf was still tight - the full 20k plus 1 for good measure. And the tightness in my hamstring has now migrated north to my butt.

And still this week I've tried to stick my head in the sand and pretend that it wasn't so bad. I did speed on Tuesday but kept to an easier pace and I did hills yesterday but didn't actually run the steepest hill in Brisbane I just did laps of a flat side street. And I iced and had anti inflammatories after but there's no denying that something is wrong because when I try to bend over to stick my head in the sand I get a bite of pain.

So it's off to the physio this afternoon. I'm hoping she just lays her hands on me and I'll be cured. (Yes I do believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy) But if she can't do that I'll be happy with a bit of massage, ultrasound and a shorter long run in the morning. And if that's too much to ask for I'll even forgo the Saturday run as long as I can run next week. But if that fails I will grudgingly take a whole week off as long as I can get to the start line of the Melbourne Half in October.

Fingers crossed that I haven't damaged myself too badly.


  1. oh Char...sending you positive butt vibes!! Seriously, hope you're okay.

  2. I am sure that the physio will find the right solution and you can run again as you like.
    After my troubles (age, motorbike-crash and former rugby player) I decided that the physio and the thermal-baths had to become a normal routine.
    Best wishes and don't worry. You are strong.

  3. Glad you are getting in right away to the physio. Here's hoping it's a quick cure--they sometimes are!

  4. You're doing the smart thing and should have all sorted soon. Take it easy!

  5. I hope physio helps! My hamstring was giving me grief a couple of weeks ago and I felt it all the way in my tush!

  6. Go Char, go! I'm sure you're strong!
    May you find the right solution soon!

  7. physio is definitely a step in the right direction! probably a lot of foam rolling in your bums future too

  8. Oh no!! Bleh to pains! Fingers crossed for sure, I hope your physio has some answers and solutions for you!!

  9. Man we all do it. Just keep running because it can't be bad. It will go away.

    Good luck!

  10. I've struggled with this same pain most of the year. It started in aprx March and I still have tightness in the top of my right hamstring and lower butt. From everything I've read, I think it's minor tendonitis - I can't remember the exact name. I have spent A LOT more time lately massaging it and it seems to be getting better - good luck with it!


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