Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Student of Life

Life is always full of little lessons. Doesn't matter how old and experienced, how well educated, how worldly - there is always something we can learn. These are just a few that I've learnt in the last week.

- Maybe a 21k run isn't the best idea a few days after you've had the hill session from hell and one of your calves is still sore.

- Eating a chocolate that you've found on the kitchen bench that looks like it's gone through the washing machine may actually taste like it's gone through the washing machine.

- If every single member in your family has had the same throat infection, don't think you're going to get away without contracting it.

- If you're in a hurry to get somewhere that will be the day that someone has left the gate open and the dog's escaped.

- Buying a very expensive mattress for your old dog who has really bad hips can actually help you sleep better at night.

- It's never a good idea to chase the scrub turkeys from the front lawn in a motorized vehicle and even a worse idea when your tyres are a little bald and it's been raining. Anyone know a good panel beater?

- People will always turn up at training if there's the promise of cake. Except if they're still young and have a friend who will deliver their cake to them.

- You will always have friends if you can bake.

This week's culinary triumph - a chocolate cupcake filled with white chocolate ganache and iced with coffee buttercream.

- If you know a client is coming around lunch time chances are high that they will turn up just as you've made a cup of tea.

- Never disregard crazy dreams. They may have an ounce of truth in them.

It's been so interesting to be a student of life this week.


  1. Love the look of those cupcakes. Yum!

  2. Ok, took me a few minutes to figure out the turkey thing...you spell tires differently across that big, blue ocean :). But, um, no - I know no panel beater experts. But the cupcakes are to die for - I'd maybe make my way over to run with you, too! :)

  3. I actually bought a bed (single bed for people) for some of our dogs and you are right, I now sleep better. Those cupcakes look incredible. I need to take some cupcakes with me to my multi day race in October. The best carbo loading ever!

  4. "Eating a chocolate that you've found on the kitchen bench that looks like it's gone through the washing machine may actually taste like it's gone through the washing machine." Tell me this was another family member and not you!

  5. Great lessons and those cupcakes look divine! :)

  6. Gorgeous cupcakes - and I hope it wasn't the client you profiled a few days ago on your blog who interrupted your tea!

  7. I love your many lessons this week. Can you send me some of those cupcakes?? Or I may hop on a plane and come help myself!

  8. What a beautiful view of those cupcakes! I love white chocolate!
    You're right, there is always something we can learn :)

  9. Those cupcakes look DELISH! You must have a lot of friends.

    Laughed at the chocolate - been there, done that!

  10. After my visit to Poland I am pleased to see that even your amazing cupcakes do not tempt me. I can't look at anything sweet. That old chocolate would not tempt me either.
    Now it would never occur to me to chase turkeys in a motorized vehicle. This is funny, I think.

  11. You made me laugh with the wise quote: you will always have friends if you can bake!
    Thank you for the lesson.


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