Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Only got time for a quick one today - if there's spelling/grammatical mistakes please excuse cause I'm typing really fast.

Work has gone from trudging to high speed in just one phone call. I make swimming costumes for a local school and I'd had a couple of phone calls from them in the last few months - just preliminary inquiries about this year's pricing structure and time frame for delivery. It was getting close to the school holidays and I was sure I'd get an order before they went on break but I got nothing! Diddly-squat!!

In the back of my mind I was worried about a couple of things - were the inquiries to compare me to another company and the other company ended up with the order? or had they forgotten to put the order in and I was going to be slammed when school went back?

Well I was half right with the second thought. They hadn't forgotten to put in the order, they'd just emailed it to the wrong email address. Oops! I got a slightly frantic call on Monday afternoon wondering why I hadn't acknowledged their emails. So now I have a huge order to get done as soon as possible - which is great but it might have been nice to spread it out over those weeks where I was twiddling my thumbs.

And my Facebook page for work has gone viral. Okay, maybe 24 likers is not quite viral (especially when you consider that at least a third of them are relatives) but it's a start.

Three days till I get in that flying tin can heading to Melbourne. Sam is so excited. He found out that the first game of the season for the A League (Australia's soccer competition) is being played about 1 k from where we're staying. So we've ditched the squad dinner and are heading off to, hopefully, an exciting night of football. I'm a bit sorry that we won't be going to the dinner but it's Sam's and my Mother/son weekend away and I want it to be really special and memory-making. I want Sam to look back years and years from now and remember what a wonderful time we had and then decide to put me in the nice nursing home, not the one that's vermin-riddled and has a psychotic nurse who likes to put oldies out of their misery. I'm looking at this weekend as a form of insurance for the future!


  1. This is wonderful news! And 24 likes is a great start! You're so funny! Enjoy mom/son time! So special!

  2. 24 is TOTALLY viral! Haha. Who cares if it is family! They still count!
    Get Up & Go

  3. You sound busy...but in a good kind of way! Congrats on the order! I'm sure you'll get it done in no time!

  4. Wow, good news for sure on the costume order, good thing they caught it before the night before they needed them at least, eh? :)

    You are such a good mom!! Insurance weekend for sure. Hahahah!

  5. Have a great weekend with your son! I was just telling my boys I want to take each of them on a mom/son trip when they turn 18.
    Good luck with getting all the costumes made in time!

  6. Busy is excellent! Hope you have a wonderful time with your son. Really laughed at the planning ahead for the nice nursing home!

  7. Well that's good news on some business!!

    Have a great trip to Melbourne!

  8. Love your last couple sentences! Great thinking!

  9. What a beautiful news: congrats on the order!
    Have a nice weekend with your son!


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