Sunday, October 2, 2011

Making Adjustments

Computers can be such a great tool. But sometimes they can be the bane of your existence. I have spent two weekends without full computer access due to one problem or another. This weekend's issue was a graphics card driver problem. Not really sure what that means but my computer wouldn't start properly and if it did start it would shut down after a short period - usually in the middle of doing something mighty important like reading blogs!

It pays to have at least one son who's computer savvy. Josh came to my rescue and my computer is back to its user-friendly self. :)

I've mentioned that work has been very slow lately and things haven't really improved in that department. But I'm making a few changes to get my name out there. First up is a Facebook page. If you're on Facebook you can check out my Physique Aerobicwear page. And I promise there'll be no cupcakes!!

I'm starting to accumulate photos (thanks to my lovely niece Lily who's the model in thiese photos)that I can use on a web page. I've resisted having one for so long because work was always so busy. But I have to drag myself into the 21st century. I have to admit that I hardly ever use a phone book any more - I Google everything. So if I want to be noticed I need to get my business on the web.

I've made some other mental adjustments apart from work this weekend. I've come to the bitter realization that I am going to be flogged by my #1 son this weekend. He's been worrying that he won't be able to complete the 21.1k on Sunday and I'd generously said that I'd be happy to keep at his pace and walk if we had to. HAH! He went on a run yesterday just to help with his confidence. He managed 18k quite comfortably and worked out that if he'd kept running the same pace he'd finish around the 1:45 mark. It totally sucks that I've been training for years and both my boys will do their debut halves in times I only dream of. I guess it could have something to do with the fact that they're males in the prime of their lives and I'm a female who's desperately trying to hold on to the last vestiges of youth and fitness.

I've done some adjusting of my rehab program. Sam is suspicious that my injury is all stemming from a hip flexor that plays a high C if you strum on it. Did some one say tight?!! And because all muscles in that area have some relationship to other muscles, it's creating havoc. So as well as all the other exercises I now have to stretch that hip flexor and roll on my tennis ball until I'm screaming. All I can say is that it feels mighty good when I stop.

This blog wouldn't be complete without my compulsory cupcake of the week.

I've called it A Hug From Grandma. It's white chocolate and rosewater - sweet and smelling of Grandmas. The icing is also white chocolate and rosewater and tastes so delicate. I've just decorated it with a pink sugar flower and pink edible glitter but if your granny has a touch of dementia you could add a sprinkle of toasted, chopped pistachios.


  1. Do you sell these cupcakes or just make them for your family?
    Good luck with the new business publicity!

  2. Ha ha, love your last line about the grandma with dementia. ha! I love seeing how people's creativity comes out in their life. Your gift to sew/design/create uniforms, and come up with these amazing cupcake inspiring to me even though I don't have any talent in either of these activities. So glad you have your sons to help with your webpage...this is so important. I wish I was better at this sort of thing so I could help my mom with a webpage that she so desperately needs (IMO). I love the pictures here. This post makes me happy...just seeing that you are doing so many of the things you love and you have family to be a part of it. From an outsider looking in, your life seems so full of love.

  3. Mmmmm, all your cupcake pictures are making me drool. I wish I had you for a neighbor!

  4. As I can't actually taste your cupcakes, the best thing about them is the names - they're always so perfect. How great to run with your son - you might have to trip him up though if you want to beat his time...

  5. Damn kids and their speedy legs! ; )

    Love all the are a talent. It's so true about getting into the modern world with technology. I envy those that grew up with it and do it all seamlessly. But you'll get there.

  6. Congrats for the new business publicity!
    Your cupcake pictures are always pleasant :)

  7. Gorgeous outfits! Be careful or you just might have to hire staff and rent a factory!
    And have you thought of publishing a cupcake cookbook?


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