Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Walmartians and Pessimism

You only have to spend a little time at a public hospital to realise just how good you've got it. How attractive, slim and intelligent you are compared to the general population - or at least the population that spends time at a public hospital. If you've seen any of the Walmartian pics that get frequently sent to my in-box you'll know what I mean.

One of the other patients having hand surgery on Monday was one that had just a few functional synapses in his head. He'd managed to break his hand fighting (a real person, not a toilet door like Josh) They'd put his hand in a cast until his surgery but because it was a very temporary cast they only used the old-fashioned plaster of paris type. These casts can get a little hot, apparently and this boy had a brain-wave when his hand got too warm over the weekend. He plunged his plaster-of-paris-covered hand into a slushy. Ten points for ingenuity but a plastic bag over the hand may have stopped the cast from being ruined.

What I couldn't believe was the number of OBESE (not just cuddly - I'm talking about lumbering, sweaty and panting-just-walking-up-the-corridor obese) nurses and doctors that I saw. They do realise that being overweight is a main contributor to a whole host of diseases, don't they?

And the smokers!!! The hospital staff in uniform out the front having a long drag on their fags (a fag is a local term for a cigarette and I just realised that the expression I used could be really misinterpreted by the more smutty-minded of my readers) Again a major contributor of disease.

Sam recently read a study which said that the majority of the population will think of unpleasant possibilities in an optimistic light. That is - if you are a smoker and have the disease-potential of your habit pointed out to you, you will choose to believe that it won't happen to you. I had always believed optimism was a good trait but I'm starting to think that the world needs a lot more pessimists.


  1. I despise the smoking door and walking through the haze.

  2. We are so lucky that smoking in public is all but banned here - no smoking allowed in any buildings (restaurants, bars, etc.) or even within 10 feet of them.

    Shocking to look around sometimes...

  3. Not much smoking publicly here anymore either thank goodness!

  4. I am soooo relived I am not one of your smutty-minded readers, phewwww!

  5. All the smokers I know think that "it won't happen" to them or if it will happen it depends by the air pollution!
    You are right, we need more pessimism.

  6. Oh yes the dreaded smoking door....awful! Every Disney park I've ever been to has been filled with obese, panting types as well. Crazy when they're in the medical profession.

  7. Yes, more pessimists (and their cousins, the worry warts) will make the world much better!


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