Sunday, July 29, 2012

I Spy

We're two days in and already I'm tired. The problem is that I have absolutely no self-control when it comes to knowing when to switch the box off. I tell myself to get to bed and something interesting will draw me back.

The best invention that will help me through the next fortnight is my digital recorder. I recorded the opening ceremony so I could get out for my long slow run on Saturday. After all I can't slacken off in my training when the most inspiring event in the world is on. It was great to watch the ceremony when it suited me and to zap though the ads (and some of the bits that I found a little boring - so much for being a champion Olympics spectator) and to press pause when I needed to get a cup of tea or go to the loo.

And I've set up the recorder to record every morning from 4:30am. Stupid Northern hemisphere time. It's damned inconvenient for the ones who live Down Under. But it's pretty great waking up in the morning knowing that I've got a few hours of watching ahead and I can zap through the endless replays of successes or disappointments.

And I'll admit to being choked up every day so far. But crying can be cathartic can't it?!

Unfortunately, though, real life must continue despite my desire to just be a couch potato for the duration. I have to work and I have to run. Running is getting easier again, as I knew it would. I ran 45k last week and managed a nice 16k run with the group on Saturday. It's always great to run with the group but my runs have only been 12k for most of the year and that often means running the last half by myself. Sixteen kilometres means company for the whole run. It means that I get to be a social butterfly and chat with lots of different people. And on Saturday it meant keeping one of the runners from driving us all insane.

"Are we there yet?"
"I'm hungry! Are we there yet?"

Who hasn't taken there kids on long-distance road trips and been driven to distraction by those words? I'd never heard them on a long run before and I can say that they're just as annoying when you've still got at least 5k to go. So I did what any mother would do. I started a game of I Spy.

And it got us through a few of those kilometres without having to throw Brett into the river. And no, Brett, FW does not refer to the 'f'n w'er' cyclists - it's the ferris wheel. Remember, I'm a lady and I'd never use terms like that except in extreme circumstances. And it's quite surprising how many 'extreme circumstances' I come up against every single day.

I also managed to back up with a run on Sunday - 10k after watching the morning highlights. My legs were tired but not too bad. And on the strength of two successful runs I took the dive, stopped procrastinating and entered this ...

Just the half, mind you. And with no expectations except to finish and have a little holiday. Woohoo!


  1. Oh, what an exciting goal, congrats!! I'm enjoying the Olympics, too, and really should record more of them to watch at my leisure.

  2. KNow what you mean about loosing out on sleep to the box... Wimbeldon, the Tour and now the Olympics, good thing it's only 2 more weeks...

  3. I haven't watch any of the Olympics.... :(
    Glad to hear your runs are getting stronger. You'll do great on the half!

  4. I am thinking of you whenever I see the Aussies win a medal - and that happens quite a lot (certainly a lot more often than team GB...). We Brits had the same tiredness problems in 2000 you know, so it's only fair.

  5. I haven't watched as much as I thought I would. There are a lot of events that don't interest me and I seem to be missing what I like. Last night I did see a lot of swimming which is my favorite in the summer.

  6. I Spy - what a great idea for a long run! "Are We THere Yet" doesn't sound like such a fun game...

    Nice job getting the training in and YAY for signing up for the half!

  7. Well done! I love that 'tired' feeling after a good run.
    I suppose watching all those sporty people on tv, can't help but make you get into action yourself.

  8. Oh I know I am burning the midnight oil watching the Olympics and am having a hard time getting up as a result.
    Love that you signed up for a half and are feeling good!

  9. "stupid northern hemisphere time" made me laugh! Yeah, it's definitely like crack, the Olympics.

    Excited that you feel good enough to register for a half!!

  10. Great to hear about your registration for a half marathon :)

  11. I ended up doing all 22 miles yesterday on the TM just so that I wouldn't miss any of the Olympics by leaving the house - completely addicted, but I knew you would understand :)

  12. I've seen very little of the Olympics sadly. We don't have a DVR and nothing good seems to be on when I actually have time to spend on the tv.

    Glad your running keeps improving!

  13. The time zone difference has nothing to do with London being in Northern hemisphere. There are countries in northern hemisphere with same time zone as us. :)


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