Sunday, July 8, 2012

Puppy Renovations

My beautiful, adorable puppy has been a little bit naughty. He quite fancies himself as an interior designer and has taken it upon himself to make a few changes to our decor.

Exhibit #1 - Lounge Room Curtains

The red thing on the floor in front of the curtains is Toby's bed. As the family's new guard dog it's important for him to have good visibility of the turf that he has to guard and the front patio is a vital place in terms of family security. The curtains were getting in his way so a small alteration to them was required. Obviously I will not be replacing these until he's a little older.

Exhibit #2 - The Hallway Carpet

In Toby's defence, he did not start this destruction. Nelson did about six months ago. Toby just decided to continue Nelson's legacy and extend the hole. We tried gluing it down but Toby has more grit and determination than mere glue. So a little creative decorating was in order. 

We needed something to totally cover the loose bits so he had nothing to grab onto. I had a stroke of genius - a hallway table with a heavy statue over the oopsy. The finished product wasn't quite what I'd originally thought of but I love it. The hole is covered by the bottom suitcase which has a heavy weight in it to stop Toby's access. 

I love creative and strategic decorating. And I really love how our hallway has gone from bland to interesting. So I probably should thank this little guy for being so destructive - and I might after I've calmed down.

 Seriously, who'd have thought that this gorgeous little creature could have made such a mess.

I went on-line and discovered that Toby isn't the only pet who's ever created household havoc. It made me feel a little better.

Has anyone else had to deal with destructive pets?


  1. How thoughtful of Toby to continue the tradition started by Nelson. Okay not really. Gosh he's so cute it's hard to be mad isn't it? The puppy chewing phase shall pass. Mine did quite a number on our carpet when they were pups.

  2. Oh yes. Lucy destroyed her hound house and used to jump up and rip my cycling shorts off the clothes line. She's better now that she's 2 :) Meaning you have a while to put up with his antics xx

  3. Is Toby related to Johann's dog, by chance?

    I'm thinking my cat peeing in the same spot in the living room is nothing now. Well, it is pretty gross, but I just throw a towel there and he now pees on the towel.

  4. He has been busy! How could that sweet little thing do all that? ; )

    We adopted our dog at one, so thankfully he had been through the destructive stage already (somewhere else!). But i'd be willing to go through it all--they're just such great additions to a family.

  5. I like the new look!My l'il innocent Jack Russell tore up the "old" baseboard in my kitchen. Toby is very adorable!

  6. Oh no! Sweet little Toby! I do love what you did with the hallway, though - very nice way of making lemonade from lemons.

  7. He's way too cute to be naughty! I don't believe it.

  8. our dog used to be very naughty...he was a toy poodle and so cute but could be SO bad! still miss him...your little guy is so cute!

  9. Judging by what my kids have done to our walls and carpets, I definitely don't need any pets.

  10. OMG, I could never punish that little butter ball, so cute!! They are little devils though and keep you shoes off the floor...that's all I can say!


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