Thursday, June 20, 2013


Confession time

Confession #1 - I just ordered a couple of running singlets from Rockwear.

Did I need new singlets? No. Is it currently winter and too cold to wear singlets? Yep! Will they make it harder for me to close my running clothes drawer? Infinitely. But they're such nice colours and I know they'll be worn over and over and over again. And once I'm dead I won't be able to buy cute running singlets any more. YOLO!

Confession #2 - I didn't do a scrap of work yesterday.

All my work was up to date. Well, except for the leotard for the hula hoop performer. But she's not in a hurry and I need something to do next week. So I went and did my grocery shopping then put the soup on for dinner and then took the phone off the hook and snuggled with my puppies for a couple of hours. It felt so great to be able to give in to the post-run, post-lunch fatigue without guilt. Well, not much guilt.

Confession #3 - I let Toby lick out the bowl today when I was doing some baking.

I know, I know - I was only just complaining that he was getting chubby and there I am, enabling him. But we have solved the issue of him helping himself to compost scraps. And I did scrape out most of the cake batter so he really only got a taste rather than a meal so I'm not feeling too guilty. It was really hard to resist those eyes.

The reason for the cake batter is this weekend's wedding. I'm going to be making a (hopefully) amazing chocolate layer cake. So far the cakes are made and luckily there was no sinkage - so far so good. Actually the thing I'm worried most about is getting it to the venue in one piece. We have quite a long drive to get there and I don't have an appropriate cake container so I'm making do.

My biggest fear is sudden braking at 100k/hour. As far as I can recall from my grade 12 Physics (how many years ago was that? 33??), inertia can have a particularly catastrophic effect on chocolate cake travelling that fast. So I'm hoping for a smooth road, very little traffic (first day of school holidays so I'm not sure I'll get that wish) and shock-absorbing icing. I'm also hoping that the rain and the freezing weather (freezing by Brisbane standards) goes by Sunday and that the wedding takes place without the wedding party having blue lips and goose bumps.

But most of all I hope that Sunday kicks off the most wonderful adventure for Bec and Tom - a life together filled with joy and love and laughter. And lots of runs!


  1. I have a confession... I really want to try one of your baking goodness!! A cupcake would do :)

  2. I would have a major panic attack if I had to take a cake to a wedding without having 4 backup plans to replace cake if it happens to go flying through the front window after a hard brake.

    I probably just jinxed you.

  3. Those confessions are all definitely justified in my humble opinion.... When I used to cat-sit I would (ahem) sometimes 'leave' my breakfast bowl on the floor so the cat could lick off the yoghurt from around the edges! My brother would kill me if he'd known I did stuff like that.

    And... I'm sure the cake will make it there in one piece. (Just drive very slowly!)

  4. It never gets to cold for me to run without a top...

    If you are mading Leotard, why aren't you making your own singlets?

    And my dear Peanut and Shandy would have been in there before it reached the ground, you should have seen them when I put down the board after carving 3 chickens on Monday...

  5. When I saw your post heading I really wondered what you've been up to. Mmmm... the Toby one is certainly great sin! Our schools close today as well. Looking forward to 3 weeks of relaxed mornings.

  6. Just as I was thinking how bad you are for giving Toby the bowl to lick, I scrolled down and saw the picture - I wouldn't be able to resist those eyes either - what a face!

    Hope the wedding goes brilliantly, have a great weekend.

  7. Yes how can you resist those eyes? Or cute singlets for that matter?
    Thing 2 has requested a birthday cake that looks like a muddy sty of piglets. I wish you were closer.

  8. Love your confessions. I have often used the "You'll wear it over and over again" to justify my purchase of running attire! Good luck with the cake.

  9. No resisting Toby, I think. And sometimes, you have to shop, whether you need it or not (the Title 9 flier just hit my inbox and I think I am joining you).

    Have a wonderful time this weekend!

  10. So funny that Toby got to lick the bowl!!!
    And, I'm with you on the tops - I keep buying more because I love the colors!! (and maybe I did that with new running shoes, too - don't need them but they are awesome!!)
    Have a great time at the wedding - safe travels for y'all and the cake. I hope you post pics of the cake and you all decked out in your new dress!!!

  11. I Hope everything will go well!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. I agree with the first comment!

  13. oooh cute singlets! my workout clothing connection is getting bigger and bigger and bigger too.


  14. I think that dogs like Toby figure if it fits down the throat and it stay down, it's fair game ;)

    Enjoy the wedding! Post a pic of the completed confection!

  15. TOBY!!! I'm sure he didn't complain about licking the bowl. And the clip of the Priest of Pope or Cardinal (or whoever that is, I'm not Catholic so I'm not sure) is hilarious!

  16. Hope the wedding was great!

    And I couldn't resist those eyes either.

    And last ... we can never have enough running clothes. Do we really need a reason to buy them? I think yours is perfect: to cute not to buy them.


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